How many more businesses will open on Harlem’s restaurant row? Next 115 Restaurant Corp, Mess Hall, Bearded Lady Espresso

How many more dining places will open on Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem, the area between 110th and 125th Street dubbed restaurant row by HarlemGal? Well, apparently one, or two or three more Harlem businesses will open in this part of Harlem.

115 Restaurant Corp has filed a liquor license for the commercial space right across from Made En Harlem, which we’ve learned from DNAinfo will be a taqueria place. 115 Restaurant Corp will be located on the southeast corner of 115th and FDB. It’s in the building where apartments are renting for around $4k a month.

The only info we can find at the moment on 115 Restaurant Corp is the name is registered to someone who lives in Harlem. That’s all we know. As soon as we know more, we will pass along the info! And if you have any insight, feel free to chime in!

And Jeff Mays from DNAinfo reported recently that The Chipped Cup and Lenox Coffee will be expanding to Harlem’s restaurant row with The Mess Hall and Bearded Lady Espresso. These Harlem businesses will open near 118th and FDB!

So the answer is yes! More places can and are opening on FDB between 110th and 125th Street. However, it’s starting to get crowded out there!

6 responses to “How many more businesses will open on Harlem’s restaurant row? Next 115 Restaurant Corp, Mess Hall, Bearded Lady Espresso

  1. What I’ve heard is that the place across from Made en Harlem will be an american tapas restaurant, and the owners already have a restaurant in the area!

  2. damn it.. how does one get rid of the ugly pink Conway so that better things can come to Lower Lenox? It doesn’t make sense that Lower FDB gets everything when it was Lower Lenox that started the whole process of gentrification in the first place!

  3. Andrew that is pretty messed up to wish for the demise of another business, one that serves a community that is still largely low income, so that you can have your gentrification fantasy. Shameful.

  4. And what about from 125th street to 145th street on Lenox, Powell and Douglass? Lenox is creeping north toward the hospital, but the other avenues are still pretty desolate, except fried food.

  5. The problem with Lenox as have been said before is the mountains of churches. There are too many churches on that avenue 125th and down and they are preventing new restaurants opening up because of the liquor licenses issues.

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