Carvin’s Mini Donuts opening on Lenox Avenue in Harlem

There’s a mini donut shop coming to Harlem at 129th Street and Lenox Avenue! It’s called Carvin ‘s and it plans to sell fresh, hot, mini donuts along with coffee, tea, espresso, milk and soft drinks as well. Carvin’s will offer regular and gluten-free mini donuts too. Carvin’s hopes to open at the end of this month. Stay tuned…


3 responses to “Carvin’s Mini Donuts opening on Lenox Avenue in Harlem

  1. why is it that development is moving upwards on Lenox, but yet it has stagnated going downwards from 125th street.. This is mind boggling..

  2. Rents too high below and lower above? Real estate sets the trend (or tries to) so can usually be blamed.

  3. this place is cute. yes, the donuts are sort of small (3 for three dollars?) but its a cute place,fun donut toppings, looks to be family run operation, AND its super clean and the bathrooms were very tidy! Nice addition to the neighborhood.

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