Neil Patrick Harris says no Verizon Fios available in Harlem…at least for his home

The last time Harlem resident Neil Patrick Harris tweeted out something, he eventually got it, which was a Harlem brownstone. Now he can’t get the wifi service he wants so who does he turn to? Twitter. About a day ago NPH tweets out, Verizon Fios service does not reach his new Harlem brownstone. Apparently the service stops about a block away. That’s weird. Why would Verizon Fios stop close to 125th Street in Central Harlem?

The tweet has been retweeted more than a 100 times. I think Harlem is going to be getting expanded Verizon Fios service soon! Don’t ya think?


7 responses to “Neil Patrick Harris says no Verizon Fios available in Harlem…at least for his home

  1. Elizabeth Tritsch

    How can we get it in Sugar Hill?

  2. We don’t have FIOS in the brownstones in Central Harlem either. But I can run 3 internet radios, a voip phone and watch amazon prime with my time warner cable. And we pushed the Time Warner guys to tie the cables outside nicely so they weren’t an eyesore (at our house at least).

  3. White People Problems

  4. I live right on 127th and fifth and there is no fios here either but it is further uptown in the 130 and 140th streets. Madness, and I loathe time warner cable.

  5. Elizabeth Tritsch

    No Fios in Hamilton Hts, either. Time Warner is the worst.

  6. No fios on 131st between 5th and Lennox

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