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Apollo Theater celebrates Harlem Week with ‘Mama, I Want to Sing-The Next Generation’

A few days ago, I mentioned how Mama, I Want to Sing-The Next Generation performance schedule was extended to the end of the year. The musical is currently playing at the  at the Dempsey Theater, located at 127 West 126th Street, in Harlem. Now I learn that the cast of Mama, I Want to Sing will be performing at the Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night the evening of August 10. This is all in celebration of Harlem Week 2011!

According to the Apollo Theater literature, “the original production of Mama, I Want To Sing was a 1983 Broadway musical created by Vy Higgensen and based on the life of her sister Doris Troy, a young gospel singer, who steps away from the church for the chance to perform at the legendary Amateur Night.”

If you want to see the cast of Mama, I Want to Sing at the Apollo Amateur Night, click here to order tickets. If you live in Harlem, the Apollo offers half price ticketing for select events. To take advantage of the special offer, Harlemites must purchase tickets at the box office on 125th Street.

Watch: Reignn Acedera sing at The Apollo

May 20, 2011 @ 13:49

By HarlemGal
Youth took to the stage at The Apollo recently for Amateur Night and boy did it shine bright! Watch Reignn Acedera sing a Whitney Houston song at the The Apollo Theater for the famous Amateur Night. She does a good job and clearly wants a singing career. If you go to YouTube she has several videos!

And by the way, she won the kids division at Amateur Night at The Apollo. Read the story here and see another video!