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East Harlem’s East River Plaza completely leased out, Planet Fitness and Mt. Sinai rent space

Blumenfeld Development Group, the owners of East River Plaza in East Harlem, today announced via a news release that the retail complex at 116th Street and FDR Drive is now 100 percent leased following the signing of a long-term agreement for 14,500 square feet of space by Planet Fitness and the inking of a 15-year lease by Mt. Sinai Hospital for a community oriented dialysis center, also for 14,500 square feet of space.

They join other tenants within the five-story, half a million square foot complex that includes Target, Costco, PetSmart, Aldi, GameStop, Burlington Coat Factory, Old Navy, Bob’s Discount Furniture and Marshalls, among others.


Johnny Rockets coming soon to East Harlem says sign

I went to East River Plaza in East Harlem this past weekend to run some errands and right there on the ground level where cars turn in, there is a big sign hanging on the glass that says “Johnny Rockets Coming Soon.” I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Isn’t Johnny Rockets the type of food chain you see in the suburbs? I guess they are here in Harlem to join Apple Bees.  I have mixed feelings about these types of places opening up in Harlem.

While there, I asked around about how long that sign’s been up and when is the burger joint actually opening? Everyone kept saying soon. From the looks of the space, it doesn’t appear that Johnny Rockets is opening soon. The retail space is empty, but with signage. Guess we should give this chain about year before they open in East Harlem?





Target set to open in East Harlem

Jun 28, 2010 @ 10:12

By HarlemGal
The last Sunday of July 2010 is the day Target, a major consumer good store in the U.S., is opening it’s ba-gillionth location in East Harlem in the East River Plaza, which sits at the far east end of East 116th Street. The exact date is July 25th according to this sign being hung up today at the 116th subway stop of the B/C line.
Together with Target opening soon and Costco and Best Buy already operational, the only shops left to open are Marshalls, Old Navy and Pet Smart. Did I leave anyone out?
To date, we have shopped at Costco in East Harlem. We have gone to Costco mainly for bulk paper goods. We find Costco useful for this type of goods cause we experience long term savings and these are the only items we are passionate about in making room in the apartment, but not much else. We don’t have the room.
As for Target, I am looking forward to shopping there! I really like their clothes. They have cute stuff for women! And there kitchen ware is not bad either. I generally like to buy Calphalon at Target. It’s much less there than at places, such as William Sonoma.
Amid Target opening in East Harlem soon, there is really no reason to head to the outer boroughs to shop. I believe we have all that we need right here in Harlem!

UPDATE:Lowdown on East Harlem’s Costco

Nov 9, 2009 @ 14:29

Update: We just learned this morning from The Daily News that Costco will be selling a bevy of high end goods, such as Cartier watches for a whopping $15,000. Wow!

By HarlemGal
We decided to follow up with our contact at Costco to double confirm they are moving forward with their plans to open on November 12 in East River Plaza. While we had their attention, we requested additional details. Here’s the skinny on Costco in East Harlem:

They are planning to open Thursday at 8:00 AM.

Parking is available at the East River Plaza and it’s $4.00 for the first two hours. Ouch! That’s expensive.

The building is 109,000 square feet. It is actually much smaller than their typical 148,000 square foot facility. As we all know as New Yorkers, location and the amount of space is prime!!! So the fact that this space is smaller should not be a surprise.

Costco is offering a normal selection of Food & Sundries items. However, they are offering a slightly reduced selection of areas such as Hardware, Automotive, Sporting Goods and Housewares. Again as Harlemites, where would we put all this stuff, like hardware? Unless Costco is offering storage!

At this location, Costco will have an expanded selection of Meat, Bakery, Deli and Produce. Hmm, let’s see if any of these areas feature local products.

And last, We inquired about their projections on attendance and revenue. Costco rep replied “I would hope and expect it will be very busy from opening until Christmas…”

On that note, let’s wait and see!



Costco Store opening November 12 in East Harlem

Oct 21, 2009 @ 7:51
By HarlemGal

Top_Costco_LogoTo follow up on our post from April, we contacted Costco directly to ask them when they plan to open up their store in East Harlem. Their representative responded with: “We have a location opening scheduled for November 12th in Manhattan.” That’s not far away – folks! Will you go to East River Plaza to shop at Costco?  Tell us what you think!

Costco Store coming to East Harlem

Apr 2, 2009 @ 7:37
By HarlemGal
New York’s 104.3 is reporting that Costco is coming to Harlem! This is somewhat good news, if it is in fact true! I will still shop at our local venues. However if I need bulk in bubble gum, popcorn or cleaning products, I am so here!

UPDATE: Costco Store is opening up a store in East River Plaza, which is in East Harlem! This is Costco’s first store in Manhattan!