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UPDATE: 371-373 Manhattan Avenue in Harlem back on the market

Oct 21, 2010 @ 7:00
By HarlemGal

Okay…so the church located at 371-373 Manhattan Avenue, which we first told you about in 2009, is back on the market for around the same price it was listed in the first business quarter of 2010. But what’s confusing is that some are reporting/blogging that the church in South Harlem  is represented by Corcoran. Hmm. My online research shows that this property is with Prudential Douglass Elliman and that the broker is Brian Phillips, who I believe is based right here in Harlem.  I don’t think Corcoran is involved any more. Maybe Brian will  step forward and tell us if Prudential DE has taken the lead with the property?

There is something else worth mentioning about this property. Back in April, we blogged about how the mosque on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 115th and 116th Street was moving to 371-373 Manhattan Avenue. We now know that deal fell through. However, a reader left us a message saying they were looking at an apartment in The Livmor, one overlooking the mosque, and that the realtor commented the mosque was sold…”over a month ago.” If that is in fact true, we have questions: where is the congregation of the mosque going, who bought the space at 2136 Frederick Douglass Blvd and what is going to be built there? Answers anyone!

Harlem church to become Harlem mosque

Apr 17, 2010 @ 15:31
By HarlemGal

These pictures say it all. We now know who purchased the church located at 371-373 Manhattan Avenue in Harlem. The picture below says “this is what you paid for. Please continue to donate.” No moving date was listed on the signage below. We also asked a few people standing outside Masjid Aqsa Mosque if they knew when they were relocating and no one would comment. If the mosque is relocating to Manhattan Ave., then what’s to become of their current property located on Frederick Douglass Blvd. between 115th and 116th Street? Will they sale it or rent it out? In due time, we will find out.