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Dear Harlem: Is it better to buy or rent?

There are those so-called “million dollar question(s)” out there in the universe around housing that we have all asked ourselves at one time or another. I know I have. And that is…is it better to buy or rent? It’s a loaded question…huh? Well, there is actually an online, interactive tool available now that is trying to help consumers answer that question: buy vs rent? It’s in The New York Times’ Making the Most of your Money section.

To use the online tool, fill in the information on your left, i.e. monthly rent, home price, etc. After you fill out the information, then place your cursor over the grid and it will reveal whether its better to buy or rent? Below are two samples.

Try it by going here. And good luck with finding the answer to that familiar question.

The Money Series examines how East Harlem spends their money

In our Money Series,  it has covered spending habits for the Harlem areas of 10027 and 10030. The Money Series continues with the focus on East Harlem. The zip code used to come with the data for this segment of Harlem is 10029.

The top three household spending areas for the 10029 area of Harlem resulted in shopping ranking first, health & family is second, followed by house & home. If you compare spending for 10029 with 10027 and 10030, 10029 ranks identical to 10027 in the areas of health & family and house & home. Each of these spending categories ranked second and third out of the top three spending categories versus 10030, these categories ranked first and second. The interesting fact out of all three zip codes was that 10027 was the only part of Harlem that had food and drinks in the top three spending categories. Food & drink did not even rank in the top three for 10029 and 10030.

On a 12 month average, household spending for 10029 includes: $461 for shopping. Next is health & family totaling $452. Most of the spending in this area is dedicated to school & child care and insurance. House & home follows with a total of $432 with the majority of this portion going toward utilities.

If 10029, 10027 and 10030 are compared in their shared ranking areas, which are health & family and house & home, 10030 spends the most on health and family at $798 versus 10027 spends $552 and 10029 spends $452. In house & home, 10027 spends the most at $472 followed by 10030 spends $434 and 10029 spends $432.

All figures are created from an online money management tool and based on ages from 18 to 65 years of age and above, all households (married with kids or without, male or female single with kids or without), and income starting at $20,000 to $125k and above.

Stay tuned as the Money Series will look into spending habits of Harlem residents versus other parts of Manhattan.