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Senior Swim begins, age-friendly program available at two Harlem pools

NYC Parks and Recreation announced yesterday (August 9) the launch of designated Senior Swim hours at 14 public pools citywide, two of the 14 pools participating are in Harlem. The Harlem pools are Jackie Robinson Pool and Thomas Jefferson Pool.

Senior Swim hours offer adults a stress-free, quieter time to socialize, swim, stretch, and enjoy the benefits of water in NYC Parks’ outdoor pools. The program runs from July 9 through August 24, and is open to those over the age of 62. Please note: there are no fitness instruction involved in the program.

On July 9  at the Thomas Jefferson Pool, the Harlem Honey and Bears Swim Club, a synchronized swimming group for adults 50 and older, kicked off the Senior Swim Program with a synchronized performance.

To learn more about the hours dedicated to the Senior Swim Program, click here.

Keep Harlem trees hydrated

Jul 13, 2010 @ 15:36

By HarlemGal
Lately it’s been hot and steamy outside where I can barely walk a few hundred feet without needing to quench my thirst. I get real thirsty with this kind of weather. Do you feel like this? If so, let’s imagine what the things around us must feel like, such as trees. You know what I am talking about? Those green things that create shade, reduce air pollution, add beauty and that some of us witnessed being planted throughout Harlem last Fall as part of the MillionTreesNYC. Like us, trees need water too in order to grow and exist in NYC. So what can Harlemites do to keep our trees alive and well?

The NYC Parks Commissioner and members of the Harlem community are urging New Yorkers to keep our street trees hydrated throughout the summer by taking self-action to water our street lined trees-especially the baby trees! Here is what the NYC Parks suggests:

•water each young tree with several gallons of water once a week from May through October!
•use a hand cultivator to loosen the top soil so that the water can reach the roots!
•careful not to dig too deep by using large tools!
•water slowly!
•and if it rains one inch or more in a weeks time period don’t bother watering!

Sounds pretty basic…right? So let’s water our trees in Harlem and urge our fellow New Yorkers to do the same and say “Let’s keep Harlem green!”

Experience free canoeing at Harlem Meer

Jun 27, 2010 @ 17:08

By HarlemGal

Walking along Central Park North on Sunday, I discovered several red canoes in the pond at Harlem Meer. I wonder what was up…so I headed on over to Lasker Rink where there was a sign-in desk. There I saw New York City Urban Park Rangers helping people put on life jackets, placing them in a canoe and pushing them off into the pond at Harlem Meer. Urban Park Rangers were offering free canoeing all day on June 27 from noon until 3 PM. New York City Department of Parks and Recreation offer it every summer on select Sundays. One of the Park Rangers on site said to check the schedule online regularly to see when they’re offering free canoeing again. The Park Ranger said it will happen again soon! There is free canoeing offered about three or four times throughout the summer. How fun! I am going to try it!

So if your interested in canoeing at Harlem Meer one Sunday this summer, check the online schedule and then head on up to Harlem Meer, which is located in Central Park near 110th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd!