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Harlem’s Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar moves over one avenue

From the picture below, looks like one of our reader’s comment on a May 13th blog post is absolutely true that Cantina on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd is moving over one avenue to Frederick Douglass Blvd! Congrats to Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar.

While I’m sure they are (and were) doing good business on ACP, as well as Lenox Avenue, moving to Harlem’s restaurant row will more than likely take their biz up a notch or two! There’s a lot of foot traffic on FDB. Plus their presence adds to the variety of food choices on this busy avenue.

Looking forward to visiting soon and ordering some tacos from Cantina at 2099 Frederick Douglass Blvd!

Cantina takes over Harlem space previously held by Bier International

Should West Harlem receive ferry service from NJ to NYC? District 7 Councilmember Mark Levine says Yes!

I commute to New Jersey from Harlem practically every day for the day job. When I saw the article titled, “Don’t overlook West Harlem for ferry service,” it caught my attention! Why? Because if I could get to NJ and back without having to trek all the way downtown, I’m so for it. It would probably shave off minutes to my commute and we all know minutes make a difference in commuting. Like most New Yorkers, I need and want to get home quick to my Harlem baby. (And no, I’m not buying a car to accomplish this or changing jobs!)

What do you think? Should West Harlem receive ferry service? Read the full article here.

Actor James Gandolfini’s funeral service to be held in Harlem at St. John the Divine

Several online news organizations are reporting that James Gandolfini’s funeral service will be held at St. John the Divine, one of the world’s largest cathedrals located in West Harlem. HBO announced it as well. Below is the official statement:

“We can confirm, on behalf of the Gandolfini Family, that the funeral service for James Gandolfini will be held Thursday, June 27th. The service will be held at 10:00 AM at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan.” Actor James Gandolfini at the Regency Hotel in New York.

The Grange Bar & Eatery in Harlem aiming to open bar only Thursday, June 6


The owners of The Grange Bar & Eatery in Hamilton Heights in Harlem tell HarlemGal Inc that they are aiming to open its doors this Thursday, June 6 for the bar only! The entire place will open a couple of days after.

The Grange has been granted a full liquor license, so its ready to partially open and will start by offering its patrons access to a full bar, including craft beers and wines. The Grange Bar has partnered with Bobby Middleston from The Dead Rabbit for the creation of cocktail programs.

The Henley’s, the owners of The Grange Bar, said “they do not have their gas turned on yet, so they are plan on implementing a partial menu the following week upon opening for bar-oriented food.”

The Grange Bar & Eatery is located at the corner of 141st and Amsterdam Ave.

9A NYC Kitchen & Lounge coming to West Harlem

One of our followers on Instagram, aka @mssherryjoe, tips us off to a new Harlem restaurant and bar opening at 2331 12th Avenue at West 133rd. It’s called 9A NYC Kitchen & Lounge. Their website is up with a few pictures and on their Instagram page it says “great food, great drinks, and great people!

Looks nice. Stay tune for more information about 9A NYC in Harlem. And a big thanks to @mssherryjoe for telling us about this new place in Harlem!
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Harlem locals invest in where they live, The Grange Bar & Eatery coming to Harlem’s Hamilton Heights

I love it when readers write in to tell us another set of Harlem locals are opening up a business right where they live, such as Harlem Tavern, Yatenga and more. Rita Royer-Henley and Roy Henley have been living in Harlem’s Hamilton Heights area for more than eight years and they’re the couple behind The Grange Bar & Eatery, which will be a farmer’s kitchen bistro and bar located right in the heart of West Harlem, Hamilton Heights– at 1635 Amsterdam Ave (Corner of 141st st) to be exact. Opening date is set for mid-April-May 2013

Guests of The Grange Bar & Eatery will be able to enjoy comfort food made in a 2350 sq ft, 75 seat setting with local produce and organic seasonal ingredients when possible, according to the Henley’s. The bar plans to provide “a mixology-driven selection of balanced cocktails.” “We want to go beyond the traditional cocktail and move away from those overly sweet and overpowering drinks. To do so, we will be incorporating in-house naturally pressed juices, herbs and bitters,” says the Henley’s. “We want to feature and support spirits from local small and artisan distilleries from all across the country.”

As for beer and wine, The Grange Bar & Eatery plans on using a 16-Draft Beer system, which is 80 percent craft beers and 20 percent traditional beers; seasonal beers included. The wine will be a balanced selection of international as well as local wines. Overall, guests should plan on “picturing themselves in a farmer’s country kitchen,” says the Henley’s. Oh, and The Grange Bar & Eatery plans on having outdoor seating, subject to City approval.

Out of all the many places in Harlem to open a business, I asked the Henley’s why Hamilton Heights? “We have been living in Hamilton Heights for a combined 8 years and have witnessed how much this beautiful section of Harlem has changed and grown especially in the last 5 years. We soon discovered out of our own need to have more places to go to that were within walking distance. We believe so much in this [part of Harlem]. “We are thrilled to make this happen and setting the standard for this portion of Amsterdam Ave that has so much potential in becoming the next restaurant row in Harlem.”

Congrats to the Henley’s on the opening of The Grange Bar & Eatery in Harlem’s Hamilton Heights. To learn more about the upcoming establishment, go to their Facebook page.

Attend the Athena Film Festival in West Harlem, four academy award nominated films to be featured

Now in its third year, the Athena Film Festival, a celebration of women in feature films, documentaries and shorts that highlight women’s leadership in real life and the fictional world will be held in West Harlem at Barnard College from Feb. 7-10. The four-day festival, which includes conversations with directors and Hollywood stars and workshops for filmmakers, has built a reputation as one of the most prestigious festivals of its kind that focuses on women and leadership. The following are big highlights of the Festival.

BRAVE: Saturday, February 9 at 12PM
Directed by: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman
Location: Diana Event Oval – LL 100 Diana Center
Director Brenda Chapman will join the audience for a Q&A session following the screening

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD: Saturday, February 9 at 6PM
Directed by: Benh Zeitlin
Location: Diana Event Oval – LL 100 Diana Center

INOCENTE: Sunday, February 10 at 3PM
Directed by: Sean Fine, Andrea Nix Fine
Location: Held Auditorium – 304 Barnard Hall
Producer Yael Melamede will join the audience for a Q & A session following the screening.

THE INVISIBLE WAR: Sunday, February 10 at 12PM
Directed by: Kirby Dick
Location: Diana Event Oval – LL100 Diana Center
Executive Producers Maria Cuomo Cole and Regina Kulik Scully will join the audience for a Q & A session following the screening.

GRANNY’S GOT GAME: Friday, February 8 at 6PM (World Premiere)
Directed by: Angela Alford
Location: Held Auditorium – 304 Barnard Hall
Director Angela Alford and Team Captain, Judy Barton will join the audience for a Q&A session following the screening.

WOMEN AREN’T FUNNY: Saturday, February 9 at 9PM (World Premiere)
Directed by: Bonnie McFarlane
Location: Diana Event Oval – LL 100 Diana Center
Director Bonnie McFarlane will join the audience for a Q&A session following the screening.

I STAND CORRECTED: Saturday, February 9 at 9PM (NY Premiere)
Directed by: Andrea Meyerson
Location: Held Auditorium – 304 Barnard Hall
Director/Executive Producer Andrea Meyerson and film subject Jennifer Leitham will join the audience for a Q & A session following the screening

FAST GIRLS: Sunday, February 10 at 3PM (US Premiere)
Directed by: Regan Hall
Location: Diana Event Oval – LL 100 Diana Center

BRAVE MISS WORLD: Sunday, February 10 at 6PM
Directed By: Cecilia Peck
Location: Diana Event Oval – LL 100 Diana Center
Q&A Cecilia Peck (Director) & Inbal Lessner (Producer/Editor) will join the audience for a Q&A session following the screening.

For additional information, please visit: http://athenafilmfestival.com/.

Section of West 121st Street in Harlem to become George Carlin Way

The Columbia Spectator reports today that Community Board 9 in Morningside Heights, a section of West Harlem, approved renaming a part of West 121st Street to George Carlin Way, where the stand-up comedian, actor and social critic grew up. In his stand up performances, George Carlin was known for calling the area where he grew up as “white Harlem” because it sounded much tougher than its subset name of Morningside Heights.

This decision to rename part of West 121st Street to George Carlin Way comes after a year-long fight. To read more of the Columbia Spector article, click here.


EmblemHealth to offer Harlem residents free flu shots October 16th and 20th

Flu season is upon us and its time to think about how to manage that. EmblemHealth will be offering Harlem residents complimentary flu shots, blood pressure screenings and “brown bag” prescription medication reviews on October 16 at the West Harlem Farmers Market and on October 20 at Mount Morris Park.

Also, while there take advantage of receiving free health and wellness screenings. EmblemHealth and Harvest Home Farmer’s Markets are offering these services at each location through the end of November.

West Harlem’s Morningside Heights to get its own glossy magazine

Read all about it right here. You’re the first to learn that Morningside Heights, a section of Harlem located on the Westside, is getting their own general interest magazine reporting on all aspects of living in the area. The magazine will be named…Morningside Heights (of course) and plans to profile “local people, business owners, restaurant reviews, calendar of events, trends, and ideas that capture the spirit of life in Morningside Heights” in West Harlem.

The publication debuts in December and will be mailed to 5,000 residents of Morningside Heights. Interested to know more about Morningside Heights magazine, email morningsideheights@hibu.com.