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Inside Maya Angelou’s Mt. Morris Park home by The Wall Street Journal

The Mount Morris Park area of Harlem is home to several famous people. One of them is Maya Angelou, an American author and poet. The Wall Street Journal takes us inside Maya Angelou’s Harlem brownstone in a recent article.

As expected, Angelou’s brownstone has most of the original detail on display. Its colorful and gigantic! Her Harlem home is 3,500 square feet with 14 rooms. She also showcases on her walls works of well-known African-American artists, such as Romare Bearden, John Biggers and Charles White.

The interesting tidbit in the article is apparently Maya Angelou owns an apartment building 10 blocks away from her Mt. Morris Park home. She bought the building as an investment back in 2004. Imagine living in that building? Your landlord is Maya Angelou! How cool is that?

To read the full WSJ article and see slides of Maya Angelou’s Harlem home, go here.

Ron Perelman raises a cool million for Harlem’s Apollo Theater

It is showtime at The Apollo Theater, but in the Hamptons…to raise money! Ron Perelman, who joined the Apollo Theater board last year, has been throwing quite the fundraising shin-dig at his Hampton’s estate and packed with celebrity power.

Last year, Jon Bon Jovi came out for the first fundraiser and he attended again this year, along with Jaime Fox and Alicia Keys. Apparently, the event that happened this past weekend in the Hamptons raised more than $1 million for Harlem’s famous music venue versus last year where the event did not even reach a million dollars. And guess who donated food to the event? Yup, you guessed it! Marcus Samuelsson.

If this fundraiser happens again and keeps charging guests $2500 a ticket, Ron Perelman will probably reach $2 million dollars next year. Must be nice. And good for the Apollo Theater that their board works for them. The more dinero for our beautiful venue, the better! Ron go for two next year!

Former POTUS renews office space in Harlem, Clinton staying for another ten years

Nov 9, 2010 @ 16:15
By HarlemGal
I am not in the vicinity of Harlem this week, however, nothing moves me more while I am away to see an article on the road about Harlem and one of its famous commercial space residents-President Bill Clinton. When I read the article in The Wall Street Journal about the former POTUS staying around in Harlem for another ten years,I felt a big sigh of relief. Why? I believe Clinton was one of few that cast Harlem back into the spotlight starting in 2000 and on when he decided to move his presidential office to 125th Street. He was an early pioneer in jump starting what some have called a rebirth of Harlem. For him to leave Harlem now would have sent a negative message, such as he’s giving up on Harlem. Quite the opposite. By staying around for another ten years, it demonstrates a long-term commitment to Harlem and at the same time it should quiet some of those pundits who questioned his motives for moving to Harlem. In my view, Clinton could have set up shop anywhere else in the U.S., but he choose Harlem. So let’s give credit where credit is due on Harlem’s rise and hotness over the last ten years…and that’s to President Clinton!