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Inside Harlem Shake Restaurant, opens at noon May 16





HarlemGal Inc was invited to the soft opening/private event of Harlem Shake Restaurant today and yes, we had a great time! Harlem Shake takes you back in time with its vintage look from the 50’s. Not only is Harlem Shake providing a classic look and feel, it is spacious and filled with a ton of light since it sits right on the corner of Lenox Avenue and 124th Street.

Inside there are vinyl stools lined up along their corner windows, vinyl booths posted against the wall where the now famous Harlem Shake photo hangs of the beautiful black women winking, and there is a celebrity wall of signed photos on display wishing Harlem Shake all the best with their upcoming opening. Former President Bill Clinton is up on the wall, along with Janet Jackson to Marcus Samuelsson and more.


As for the food, I had a Harlem Shake cheeseburger for $6.95, sweet yam fries for $3.95 and a Harlem shake shortie for $3.95. The Harlem shake shortie is a red velvet shake made with Tonnie’s Minis Cupcakes. If you like red velvet cake, then you will like this shake.

All of the food items I had were delicious. I especially like the bun on the hamburger. It was very fresh and it stayed connected at the back so nothing dripped out.

Oh, by the way. Harlem Shake will offer bottled and draft beer, plus select wines, from $5-8 for beer and $7 to $12 for a glass of wine.

Harlem Shake will open at noon this Thursday, May 16 as this blog first reported. Their grand opening will be on June 13! See you at Harlem Shake Restaurant.

Harlem Shake Restaurant
100 W 124th Street
New York, New York 10027
Phone (646) 508-5657







Former POTUS renews office space in Harlem, Clinton staying for another ten years

Nov 9, 2010 @ 16:15
By HarlemGal
I am not in the vicinity of Harlem this week, however, nothing moves me more while I am away to see an article on the road about Harlem and one of its famous commercial space residents-President Bill Clinton. When I read the article in The Wall Street Journal about the former POTUS staying around in Harlem for another ten years,I felt a big sigh of relief. Why? I believe Clinton was one of few that cast Harlem back into the spotlight starting in 2000 and on when he decided to move his presidential office to 125th Street. He was an early pioneer in jump starting what some have called a rebirth of Harlem. For him to leave Harlem now would have sent a negative message, such as he’s giving up on Harlem. Quite the opposite. By staying around for another ten years, it demonstrates a long-term commitment to Harlem and at the same time it should quiet some of those pundits who questioned his motives for moving to Harlem. In my view, Clinton could have set up shop anywhere else in the U.S., but he choose Harlem. So let’s give credit where credit is due on Harlem’s rise and hotness over the last ten years…and that’s to President Clinton!