Amy Ruth’s expanding, Not Heading to Brooklyn

Jan 31, 2009 @ 11:18

Amy Ruth's at 116th & Lenox Avenue

Amy Ruth's at 116th & Lenox Avenue

By HarlemGal
According to Crain’s New York, Amy Ruth’s, Harlem’s famous eatery at 116th Street and Lenox Avenue, will not be opening a second location as initially planned in Brooklyn, but will move forward with their plans to expand their flagship space in Harlem. Amy Ruth’s “is currently expanding its 116th Street location to incorporate 1200 square feet of ground floor space at the building next door.”

The expansion is great news for Harlemites who have experienced their delicious food and at the same time long lines with tons of tourists.  Let’s all agree, Amy Ruth’s is notorious for long lines. They even have the famous red rope to go along with it. However, their food is down right good and one that all should experience whether you live in Harlem or visiting New York City.  All-in-all, we wish Amy Ruth’s much continued success.

HarlemCondoLife blogged about their eating experience back in November. Click here to read more.

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