Harlem Condo Alert: The Alycia Completely Sold?

Jan 27, 2009 @ 0:30



By HarlemGal,
I walk down 114th Street between Frederick Douglass and Manhattan Avenue all the time heading to Morningside Heights Park. When you take this walk, you see construction every where in this area. Just the other day I noticed the netting/scaffolding all over one particular lot was now down and the new structure donned a big banner with the words The Alycia. I checked out their website and according to The Alycia, this place will be condos with all the trimmings of a new home.  The site also claims all units are SOLD, which is quite impressive given current market conditions. Maybe that explains when I walked by the other day, the big banner existed no more.



We’re not surprised folks purchased condos in this area and plan to move to Central Harlem. After all, HarlemCondoLife lives and blogs in Harlem. My only lingering question is when were these units sold – a year or six months ago?  We called the real estate company representing this building for further details.  No word yet. However, if you know something before or if they get back to us, please chime in.

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