Harlem’s first beer garden expected to open in May? I don’t think so!

Mar 26, 2010 @ 12:40
By HarlemGal
In my mind, there is no question that Frederick Douglass Blvd is fast becoming a hot spot to hang whether for drinks or dining out or both. Heck, I have been saying all along and I will say it again that FDB is destined to be dubbed restaurant row especially now since this well known Harlem avenue called 8th Ave is getting a beer garden at 2099 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

On their website it states the beer garden will open early Spring. Hmm… Other reports say May. Below are pics taken of 2099 FDB today. Do you see any workers there? I think Bier International hired some ghosts to do construction work because I walk by this space practically every day and I have not seen any action-not a peep, not a sound coming from this space, which leads me to believe “we’re not getting any beer garden in May.” Maybe late June or July it will open, which will be nice to have. Don’t get me wrong. Drinking a brewski during those hot, humid summer days sounds delightful! I cannot wait! Harlemites will now have another option to throw back a few beers then head over to Slyvia’s for some good grub and then on to Harlem Lanes to bowl the night away!

Man-oh-man, I love Harlem and all that it offers! Have a great weekend!

One response to “Harlem’s first beer garden expected to open in May? I don’t think so!

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