Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Boulevard receives recognition from The Wall Street Journal

Jun 19, 2010 @ 7:30

Graphic by The Wall Street Journal

By Austin2Harlem

Every day I am surprised by what I see and learn living in the Big Apple. Yesterday was no exception. While surfing the internet on June 18, I came across a complimentary article in The Wall Street Journal about Harlem, my new adopted home. I moved to Harlem a little over a year ago from Austin, Texas.

What I found interesting about this article is that it focused strictly on Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Blvd. (FDB), a street I venture up and down often that starts at 110th Street and continues past 125th. I agree with what the Journal said about Frederick Douglass Blvd.: “When you walk through the neighborhood, you can find different things that you wouldn’t have ordinarily found before.” This statement is true from my perspective.

In the short, but exciting, period that I lived in Harlem so far, using the term change to describe FBD is putting it mildly. There is always something new happening on FDB. The Circle opened up recently, two major apartment buildings have been finished since I arrived, several restaurants are operating on or near FDB and soon this boulevard, also known as 8th Avenue, will be getting its very own beer garden. The FDB metamorphosis continues. And witnessing it like this-and reading about it in a notable publication-makes me very happy that I get to live and experience Harlem life.

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