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Harlem Real Estate Progress Report: The Morellino Condo unveils its listing

The building located at 159 West 118th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd has gone through so many changes, from condo to youth hostel to vacant, etc., it may have finally reached one identity. Called The Morellino, it has 35 residential units, 20 storage units, and five retail units.Of the 35 residential units, there are 15-one bedrooms, nine-two bedrooms, and 11-three bedrooms. Six of the units boast outdoor space, either as a rooftop terrace or a ground level garden. The prices range from $475k to $1.4 million. Buyers would be paying in the range of $650 a square foot-if my math serves me correctly. Park River Properties now appears to have the entire listings!

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220 Saint Nicholas in Harlem looking to sell apartments in Spring 2011

Sep 14, 2010 @ 7:35

By HarlemGal
Construction around 220 Saint Nicholas Condominiums remains the same. The building has most of its scaffolding down leaving the structure partially visible to the public, which led me to wonder if they are getting ready to market these apartments. They are not! 220 St. Nicholas is hoping to start selling in the Spring of 2011. That’s not too far off if you’re looking for a full floor, 1500 square foot apartment in Manhattan!

220 St. Nicholas is offering full floor apartments with the exception of floors seven and eight, which are two bedrooms, two baths. Whomever buys on those floors has to share a floor and pay around 650 to 700k! Not bad of a price given these floors will have either a balcony or terrace. According to the 220 St. Nicholas website, all apartments will have either a balcony or terrace. I think that is an interesting aspect to this building given there are unblocked views of Harlem in that area…for now. Plus most of the new developments around Harlem do not offer outdoor space with every apartment. It’s one or the other.

So if you’re in the market for a full floor apartment with a terrace or balcony in Manhattan near Harlem’s up and coming corridor, Frederick Douglass Blvd., then this new development might be the place for you!

Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Boulevard receives recognition from The Wall Street Journal

Jun 19, 2010 @ 7:30

Graphic by The Wall Street Journal

By Austin2Harlem

Every day I am surprised by what I see and learn living in the Big Apple. Yesterday was no exception. While surfing the internet on June 18, I came across a complimentary article in The Wall Street Journal about Harlem, my new adopted home. I moved to Harlem a little over a year ago from Austin, Texas.

What I found interesting about this article is that it focused strictly on Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Blvd. (FDB), a street I venture up and down often that starts at 110th Street and continues past 125th. I agree with what the Journal said about Frederick Douglass Blvd.: “When you walk through the neighborhood, you can find different things that you wouldn’t have ordinarily found before.” This statement is true from my perspective.

In the short, but exciting, period that I lived in Harlem so far, using the term change to describe FBD is putting it mildly. There is always something new happening on FDB. The Circle opened up recently, two major apartment buildings have been finished since I arrived, several restaurants are operating on or near FDB and soon this boulevard, also known as 8th Avenue, will be getting its very own beer garden. The FDB metamorphosis continues. And witnessing it like this-and reading about it in a notable publication-makes me very happy that I get to live and experience Harlem life.

UPDATE: 2080 FDB in Harlem construction continues

Mar 10, 2010 @ 12:36

By HarlemGal

The construction site we first told you about awhile back, continues to make building progress in the lot right next to 67 Orange and two spaces away from the new restaurant opening soon on FDB! Today, at 2080 FDB they had the gates wide open! From the pics, they drilled fairly deep. It appears they are placing layers of concrete down along with those finder steal poles!

There goes another vacant lot to condos on FDB!.  A lot is happening on and around this little blvd of ours in Harlem!