NYC election driving opening of Frederick Douglass Circle in Harlem?

Oct 26, 2009 @ 21:52


By HarlemGal
The upcoming New York City election is potentially now driving the opening of the long awaited Frederick Douglass Circle at the base of Central Harlem! That is what I was told today by some of the workers at the site. Apparently people will be able to access the Circle by then, but no grand opening will happen for awhile. That’s the latest lowdown from the site.


Do you believe that time schedule given how long it has taken to finish the project or do you think they were yanking my chain? Let’s be honest, it’s shaping up to look very nice. However, the City has been working on the FDB Circle for a looooong time! Could this timing just be purely a coincidence?

And get this, the City has an office right on 110th Street between Manhattan Avenue and FDB. I tried walking in, but the doors were locked!

Overall, the workers were very clear that they had a deadline to meet and that all the barriers would be down soon. Hmmm. Stay tuned.


And a quick shout out to Zinc Plate Press. They have a very good shot of the sculpture!

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