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Sneak peek at agenda for Frederick Douglass Circle Dedication in Harlem September 20

The dedication of the Frederick Douglass Circle, located at the intersection West 110th Street and FDB, is definitely on for next week, September 20, starting at 11 a.m. and HarlemGal Inc. has the scoop on some of the agenda.

Actor and Tony Award-nominee Andre De Shields will perform and channel Frederick Douglass in front of all the guests and dignitaries. De Shields is well-known for this and performed as Frederick Douglass in 2009. See video below.

Impact Repertory Theatre and Harlem School of the Arts will give performances. And a direct descendent of Frederick Douglass will be present and either acknowledged or part of the speaking agenda.

So far, there’s no word on whether Mayor Bloomberg will be on hand for the dedication.  However, there will be several local representatives in attendance.

Not too bad of an agenda to start! Now that we have a sneak peek of the Frederick Douglass Circle Dedication, the next question is are you attending? Chime in if you plan on attending this event!

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The redevelopment of Victoria Theater in Harlem is back on track says The New York Times

Harlem’s 125th Street is back in the news again. Back in July the City announced the redevelopment of two major, vacant sites on Harlem’s 125th Street. Today, we are hearing from The New York Times that the redevelopment of Victoria Theater “is back on track and will break ground in the second half of next year.” The delay was due to the financial crisis back in 2008.

The entire project, which is being designed by the same architect firm that built the Livmor Condos on Frederick Douglass Blvd., will include two towers above the theater: a rental building in one tower and hotel in the other tower. The first floor will become the new home of the Classical Theater of Harlem, Jazzmobile, the Harlem Arts Alliance and the Apollo Theater Foundation.

If you’re wondering if all this good news that’s been announced about 125th Street is a coincidence, it’s not. According to the Times article, all these changes being announced is due to the city rezoning the street replacing buildings along 125th with “office towers, residential high-rises and cultural institutions. The rezoning was approved just as the real estate market collapsed, and many of the developments did not get off the ground. Several are starting up again.”

This is great news. Who cares about the timing. We will take it! To read the entire article by the Times, click here.

$100 million development for 125th will bring Harlem Brewing Company home

When the City announced yesterday the redevelopment of two major, vacant sites on Harlem’s 125th Street, it garnered enormous press coverage. Why? Because it’s a big deal. The bookends of 125th will get a new look, jobs will be created and new business will move in! The part I find interesting in this announcement is that the Sugar Hill Beer I like to have at St. Nicks Pub or now at Harlem Tavern could eventually be brewed right up the street from where I live! How cool is that?

According to the news release from the Mayor’s Office, “Harlem Brewing Company, which currently brews in Saratoga Springs, will be moving its production facility to CREATE @ Harlem Green and will grow hops on an open roof, give tours and operate a brewing museum, a tap room and gift shop.” The City selected Janus Partners LLC and Monadnock Construction, Inc. to redevelop the former Taystee Bakery complex into CREATE @ Harlem Green.

And when the Harlem Brewing Company moves, it will mark the first brewery in Harlem since before Prohibition! So cool! I will drink to that! Raise your mug! Cheers!


Halle Berry spotted in Harlem

Jun 15, 2011 @ 11:17
By HarlemGal
The lovely and talented Halle Berry was in Harlem last night (June 14) according to a HCL follower on Twitter. Apparently, she was in town for a benefit dinner organized by Mayor Bloomberg. Of course, the fundraiser was at…where else, Red Rooster Harlem. President Obama has started a trend.

Halle Berry was joined by Law and Order actress Mariska Hargitay and the Mayor himself! We were also told that singer Estelle, who has performed at the Apollo with John Legend, was the entertainment at last nights benefit. Very cool!



NYC election driving opening of Frederick Douglass Circle in Harlem?

Oct 26, 2009 @ 21:52


By HarlemGal
The upcoming New York City election is potentially now driving the opening of the long awaited Frederick Douglass Circle at the base of Central Harlem! That is what I was told today by some of the workers at the site. Apparently people will be able to access the Circle by then, but no grand opening will happen for awhile. That’s the latest lowdown from the site.


Do you believe that time schedule given how long it has taken to finish the project or do you think they were yanking my chain? Let’s be honest, it’s shaping up to look very nice. However, the City has been working on the FDB Circle for a looooong time! Could this timing just be purely a coincidence?

And get this, the City has an office right on 110th Street between Manhattan Avenue and FDB. I tried walking in, but the doors were locked!

Overall, the workers were very clear that they had a deadline to meet and that all the barriers would be down soon. Hmmm. Stay tuned.


And a quick shout out to Zinc Plate Press. They have a very good shot of the sculpture!