Why is Questan’s in Harlem dark for a Wednesday night?

A reader asked us if we noticed that Questan’s, located at 2113 Frederick Douglass Blvd., is closed tonight, July 27. I hadn’t really paid attention until I checked on my home from dinner tonight. I walked by and it is in fact dark tonight, Wednesday, July 27. That’s kind of odd for a Wednesday night-especially during the summer. Maybe they are getting ready to celebrate their two-year anniversary? They opened up for business in August 2009.

Does anyone know what is up? Why is Questan’s closed? Diganos (Tell us).

Update: An HG twitter follower says it has been closed for a few days now because it is changing management and that there is a notice on the door that states: “Closed and under new management. Making changes to serve you better.” Stay tuned…


One response to “Why is Questan’s in Harlem dark for a Wednesday night?

  1. When you see signs like that, it usually means that a resto is going out of business.

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