Closing of Harlem’s St. Nick’s Pub still unknown

There is has been absolutely no drips or drabs of information about why Harlem’s St. Nick’s Pub, located at 773 St. Nicholas Ave.,  has been closed. It’s been like this for awhile…until now. According to, they are reporting there was an email from the NYC Health Department’s press secretary noting that St. Nick’s Pub was inspected and ordered to close back on February 16 for operating with an expired permit. Furthermore, the article states St. Nick’s owner met with a representative from the health department soon after in which the owner was informed “of outstanding fines for past violations that needed to be paid in order to reopen the establishment.”

Given this information, I guess the fines have not been paid or St. Nick’s would be open.  I sure hope this gets resolved soon. I want St. Nick’s Pub to be around for many more years to come!

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