Imagine a food coop in Harlem?

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Brooklyn has a food coop that is very popular and provides fresh organic fruits and vegetables for the surrounding area. Imagine if Harlem had something similar? It is not that far out of reach and there are a lot of Harlemites on Facebook realizing that by sharing the Pop-Up Co-Op video. Why are Harlemites passing along this information? Because it is a great food/grocery idea set out in different phases that will benefit Harlem now and for the long-term. Also, it is a well needed service for our community and locals want to see this idea succeed.

What is Pop-Up Co-Op? It is the first phase of several where the end goal is to have a complete food coop in West Harlem. The Pop-Up Co-Op will sell organic coffee by the cup from a takeout window with one full-time worker recruited from a local youth program. The next phase will be to integrate organic vegetables along with increased staffing and so on and so forth. This initiative is on Kickstarter and has ten days left to meet its goal of raising more than $22,000. If you want to help out and learn more about Pop-Up Co-Op, click here.

One response to “Imagine a food coop in Harlem?

  1. as a longtime member of the park slope food coop who moved to Harlem, it kinda blew my mind when i first learned that Cora T. Walker and other Harlemites had started a food coop in Harlem called the Harlem River Consumers Cooperative. It was organized in 1968 and folded around 1976. There was an organized effort to harass them out of business… that tidbit broke my heart. It was a real solution to deal with what had essentially become a food desert. Today, 2016, Whole Foods enters the scene.

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