Preview of Harlem’s Cedric French Bistro and Bar menu


Wondering what Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem will be offering on their menu and at what price? HarlemGal has photos of the menu. Take a look!

The menu will feature five kinds of mussels, including curry, Thai, and provencales. Appetizers include risotto of the day, foie gras ravioli, beef carpaccio, and more ranging from $8 to $18. Main dishes include sautéed duck breast with cherry sauce and gratin dauphinois, steak tartare, roasted leg of lamb and some local dishes, such as fish and chips, jerk chicken, and burgers. As for desert, that is one area of the menu, I completely forgot to look at. My guess is it will be mainly french inspired deserts.

I plan on checking out this place this week since it is opening today, August 15. What about you? Are you going to dine at Cedric Bistro?





2 responses to “Preview of Harlem’s Cedric French Bistro and Bar menu

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  2. Had lunch with a friend on a rainy day
    Adored the service, food and simple-elegant design of the restaurant
    I live in Central Harlem, where Cedric’s is located
    Makes it real easy to return, which I am looking forward to
    again and again


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