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Christmas tree literally lights up Harlem’s Cedric French Bistro

On the online look out to see how the filming of Black Ink Crew went at Harlem’s Cedric French Bistro and Bar and BAM…I came across their posting that said their Christmas tree caught on fire and burned some of their roof. Yikes! If the filming of the VH1 reality show continued as planned, they would have caught this incident on camera, which can make some good TV visuals. On a serious note though, no one was hurt in or around the Harlem restaurant, which is very good news. Whew!

VH1’s Black Ink Crew filming at Harlem’s Cedric French Bistro and Bar tonight


Did you watch the Season Premiere of Black Ink Crew last night? It is a new reality series featuring “the only black-owned and operated tattoo parlor in the heart of Harlem at 113th St. and Lenox Ave.” If you missed it, it is showing again tonight at 8 pm, Jan 8.

And if you want to see the cast of Black Ink Crew being filmed in Harlem, pass on by Cedric French Bistro at 185 St. Nicholas Avenue and 119th Street tonight. VH1 is filming there tonight, according to Cedric’s Facebook page.

To learn more about Black Ink Crew from Harlem, go to its website, but ignore the big fat typo they have in the first paragraph. They spelled Lenox Ave with two n’s not one. It happens…

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Harlem’s Cedric French Bistro and Bar turns one

Another Harlem dining establishment is celebrating its first anniversary! Cedric French Bistro and Bar is hitting their one year mark and they are inviting everyone over to celebrate with a champagne brunch tomorrow, August 18 from noon to 6 pm. Head on over, they are offering free mimosa’s for those that dine there. And congrats to Cedric French Bistro on reaching this milestone!

Celebrate Bastille Day at Cedric French Bistro in Harlem

It’s a national holiday this coming Saturday, July 14 or its Independence Day all over again! Well, not exactly here in the U.S., but in France it is. It’s Bastille Day this coming Saturday and Cedric French Bistro and Bar, located at 185 St. Nicholas Avenue (at the corner of 119th Street) is celebrating the French holiday with a Brunch Party right here in Harlem. The festivities start at 11 am and Cedric’s is taking reservations for this soiree. See all the details below!

Harlem’s restaurant row, Frederick Douglass Blvd., has its own map and alliance group

It’s official…again! Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem from 110th to 125th Street, also known as restaurant row, has its very own map, according to The New York Daily News. And the folks behind the map is an alliance group called Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance (FDBA). Check out the map below. It mentions all existing businesses from 110th to 124th Street. The map does not include up and coming places on FDB, such as the Harlem Food Bar or Marcos Leatherlab, the cobbler store.

Lia San Filippo, co-owner of 5 and Diamond Harlem restaurant and co-president of the recently formed FDBA, tells the Daily News “the map was created to help people know that Harlem is here and helps customers find us more easily.” Amen Lia!

Back in 2008, I wrote a blog posting asking if FDB is turning into Harlem’s restaurant row? Looks like we have our answer not only in a map but in the form of an alliance group!

Drink up at the Second Annual Harlem Bar Crawl set for October 25

The women behind Experience: Harlem, i.e. Angie Hancock, along with the help of a few others, is organizing a Harlem Restaurant and Bar Crawl October 25. It is their second pub crawl and as expected, they have lined up all the great eating and drinking establishments on Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem for one night of cocktail specials. In addition, the organizers will donate $1 from each purchase to Food Bank NYC to benefit food kitchens in Harlem.

How can you participate? Go here and purchase a bracelet for $20. This will allow you to take advantage of drink specials from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. at anyone of the establishments listed in the photo. And if you purchase your bracelet now, you will receive a two-for-one special. That means a $10 savings. Not bad! Hey, don’t take my word for it. It’s all outlined on Facebook!

See you at the Harlem Bar Crawl.

What have you eaten at Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem?


Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem turns one week old today and so far the feedback has been positive – at least online from what I have seen. Have you been to Cedric Bistro located at 119th Street and St. Nicholas Ave? If so, tell us what you had for dinner or lunch!

I went with four women this past Thursday and we had a nice time. We ordered a bottle of red wine and started with the Thai mussels with ginger and lemon grass. For our main course, we had grilled salmon, organic roasted chicken, pan seared duck breast, another order of mussels and had plenty of bread and fries to nimble on. We did not have dessert because we were actually full from the main dishes. All these dishes were very good and recommended, service met and, at times exceeded, our expectation and the ambiance was classy.

After we were finished with dinner, we talked about the state of Cedric Bistro among other fabulous dining places in Harlem, such as Red Rooster, Lido Harlem, Settepani, 5 and Diamond, etc., and we all mutually agreed Cedric Bistro deserves a thumbs up. It will do well in Harlem and from our experience on dining there on day four of opening-Cedric French Bistro and Bar is here to stay! Go and experience the place for yourself and tell us what you think!




Preview of Harlem’s Cedric French Bistro and Bar menu


Wondering what Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem will be offering on their menu and at what price? HarlemGal has photos of the menu. Take a look!

The menu will feature five kinds of mussels, including curry, Thai, and provencales. Appetizers include risotto of the day, foie gras ravioli, beef carpaccio, and more ranging from $8 to $18. Main dishes include sautéed duck breast with cherry sauce and gratin dauphinois, steak tartare, roasted leg of lamb and some local dishes, such as fish and chips, jerk chicken, and burgers. As for desert, that is one area of the menu, I completely forgot to look at. My guess is it will be mainly french inspired deserts.

I plan on checking out this place this week since it is opening today, August 15. What about you? Are you going to dine at Cedric Bistro?





Inside Cedric French Bistro and Bar, opening day August 15 for lunch and dinner in Harlem


When you walk into the new Cedric French Bistro and Bar, located in Harlem at 185 St. Nicholas Ave, there is art work straight ahead that says “Remain Calm.” I think Harlemites are going to do the opposite, be ecstatic and extremely pleased when they walk in and get a load of Harlem’s newest restaurant. Cedric Bistro is red-hot with hot red all over. They chose a red color scheme similar to other Harlem establishments. And as for their menu, it looks very good! More on the menu later. Let’s take a look inside Cedric French Bistro and Bar.

20110814-061328.jpgThey have kept the L-shape bar where it previously was prior to the change. There is plenty of seating, around 40 seats. The brick wall is exposed with banquette seating and wood tables are strategically placed with chairs that have hot red seat cushions. The place looks nice or shall I say “very Upper Eastside.”

I will be checking out this new restaurant soon. How about you?

Cedric Bistro in Harlem opens tomorrow, August 15, for lunch and dinner, plus weekend brunch.

Cedric French Bistro and Bar
185 St. Nicholas Ave