Inside Cedric French Bistro and Bar, opening day August 15 for lunch and dinner in Harlem


When you walk into the new Cedric French Bistro and Bar, located in Harlem at 185 St. Nicholas Ave, there is art work straight ahead that says “Remain Calm.” I think Harlemites are going to do the opposite, be ecstatic and extremely pleased when they walk in and get a load of Harlem’s newest restaurant. Cedric Bistro is red-hot with hot red all over. They chose a red color scheme similar to other Harlem establishments. And as for their menu, it looks very good! More on the menu later. Let’s take a look inside Cedric French Bistro and Bar.

20110814-061328.jpgThey have kept the L-shape bar where it previously was prior to the change. There is plenty of seating, around 40 seats. The brick wall is exposed with banquette seating and wood tables are strategically placed with chairs that have hot red seat cushions. The place looks nice or shall I say “very Upper Eastside.”

I will be checking out this new restaurant soon. How about you?

Cedric Bistro in Harlem opens tomorrow, August 15, for lunch and dinner, plus weekend brunch.

Cedric French Bistro and Bar
185 St. Nicholas Ave





6 responses to “Inside Cedric French Bistro and Bar, opening day August 15 for lunch and dinner in Harlem

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  2. Despite the crowd, the service was wonderful – they were all very attentive – and the food was delicious. Looks like another winner here!

  3. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all your thoughts you said in your article, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog:) Isabella S.

  4. The food was delicious, I have gone twice and the french toast I have ordered last, was so delicous, that it will make go back for more. Great place, I really enjoy the Michael Jacson’s dance toward the end of the night. Dard was pretty good on it. I will go back for sure and will be waiting to see the dance one more time…..

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  6. I had the mussels Marinieres (I probably spelled that wrong), and the smoked salmon, It was really good! Also I was impressed with the decor and comfortable seating. The staff was very attentive and friendly, especially my waitress, very charming young lady and attentive. I wanted something a little stronger from the bar which only serves wines and the waitress had the bartender make something up for us, I was impressed and “spoiled”. And Dard was a perfect gentleman. Melanie J.

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