What’s up with Harlem Vintage a reader asks?

Yesterday, a reader asked if we knew that the old newsstand on West 112th was ‘For Rent?’ Today, a reader is asking HarlemGal Inc., what’s up with Harlem Vintage? The reader explained that they were in Harlem Vintage recently and could not help but notice the “shelves just keep getting more and more bare.” Does anyone know what is up? Is Harlem Vintage letting their stock sell out to close? Or are they clearing out the store to make more room for Nectar Wine Bar ? I hope it’s the latter.

If anyone knows what’s up, give us the lowdown!



5 responses to “What’s up with Harlem Vintage a reader asks?

  1. My partner and I went to Harlem Vintage this evening and were shocked that the shelves were still very bare. We had visited the store on Tuesday and saw the inventory was very low then, too. When we approached a staff member at the establishment, he informed us that a huge shipment will be received tomorrow. We’ll check in tomorrow and see. Here’s hoping.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Were you able to make it back? We hope more shipment is coming and the lack of inventory is an oversight. Thanks again.

  3. I was there Sat. morning, pre-Irene, and the shelves were even more bare. And most of the wine they do have displayed are multiple bottles of the same wine. The champagne rack is almost entirely all one single kind.

  4. I made the initial comment on Thursday about the inventory to be delivered on Friday. My partner and I did go back to the store and noticed several cases of wine being unpacked and placed on the shelves. I’m wondering if all of us Harlemites were stocking up for the hurricane and that’s why Bill saw such bare shelves yet again. Either way, Bill is right. Despite the delivery, the selection was still very minimal compared to past visits. I’m wondering if Nectar maybe dipping into the stock. I really like Harlem Vintage and would hate for it to close. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months.

  5. I was told by one of the employees that Harlem Vintage would be relocating. Perhaps this is the reason.

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