Frederick Douglass Memorial Dedication completes Central Park

Federal, State and local NYC leaders, along with descendents of Frederick Douglass, came together today, September 20, to dedicate the circle and statue of the African-American abolitionist, orator, writer and statesman Frederick Douglass. The Frederick Douglass Memorial/Circle,located at Central Park West, Frederick Douglass Boulevard and West 110th Street, consists of an eight-foot bronze portrait sculpture by Gabriel Koren, and a large circle and fountain with ornamental and symbolic features designed by Algernon Miller. The fountain was actually operational today to go along with the dedication ceremony.

While there were endless speakers, a few comments resonated with me. Someone said most of what Frederick Douglass said or wrote back then is still applicable today and that not much has changed, it is just disguised. I also like how one speaker said “Central Park is now complete with all four corners as vibrant public space for everyone to use.”

To see a collection of photos from today’s event, click here.

One response to “Frederick Douglass Memorial Dedication completes Central Park

  1. Nice tribute to honor the memory of Frederick Douglass!

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