West Harlem ranks third as best place to live for retirees

Did anyone see the article in The New York Daily News this past weekend on the best places to live in the Big Apple for retirees? I thought it was really interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Morningside Heights, an area located in West Harlem, was ranked third out of 10 places in the City. Murray Hill was ranked first and the Lower East Side was ranked last.

The article states there are several reasons why it is a great area for retirees. Morningside Heights is “one of the easiest places to live… There is something to do every night (lectures, classical concerts, film series, etc.), and it will keep anyone young.” Amen to that. I don’t live too far from Morningside Heights. I now know where to go to stay…forever young!


One response to “West Harlem ranks third as best place to live for retirees

  1. Now, I can prove to my 74-yr-old mom that NYC, specifically Harlem, is a wonderful place to visit. If only she felt healthy enough to travel.

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