New bar coming to Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem

Harlem’s well-known Londel’s Supper Club is expanding their presence in Upper Manhattan by planning to open up a bar right on the northwest corner of 115th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. That’s the word directly from them to HarlemGal Inc. And from these photos below workers have been present at 2131 FDB address carrying in materials.

A representative at Londel’s said they are hoping to open the new place by the end of the year. This drinking establishment would be their second on FDB. Their first place of business is at 2620 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

As for the Livmor Condo’s, their retail space is practically full. I believe they have one more retail space left?

Congrats to Londel’s on expanding their presence in Harlem. I’m looking forward to checking out their new cocktail establishment! What about you?





9 responses to “New bar coming to Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem

  1. If you remember, the Livmor deal was made possible by a partnership with St. Stephen Community AME Church which is supposed to have its permanent home built in the Livmor as a condominium unit. The church is strongly opposed to a bar being placed just steps from its entrance. HarlemGal’s enthusiasm for new development in Harlem should be tempered by a modicum of respect for longstanding religious institutions.

    • Thank you for your comments. I am very aware that there is a religious institution involved with the Livmor. My mentioning facts of a bar opening up on that corner of FDB in Harlem was not meant to offend anyone in the religious community, but to continue my love and praise of Harlem. It appears you were offended from my blog post on this topic and for that, my apologies. However, now that you bring up the church that is [or was suppose] to go into the Livmor, what’s the status of that? Is it going to open? Not sure if you pass by there much, but there’s always trash out front and individuals, who appear to be without a home, crashing on the front door? If you have any developments to pass along, I would love to share with HarlemGal Inc. readers and express equal enthusiasm for a place of worship in Harlem.

  2. Hello there. Harlem Gal thank you for reporting on a new business that hires locally and is owned by people of color. I am sure that the church supports the growth of the Greater Harlem community and plans to, eventually, offer some much needed support since, of course, Abyssinian members are known to patronize Londel’s Uptown location. We need to keep in mind, that support is needed from all sides. If anyone is going to offer criticism, let’s direct it to the condo owners who need to spend more of their dollars supporting these businesses.

  3. One more space available. Again can we please have a DINER or simple breakfast joint soon!!!!! What the hell. $15-$25 plates, cool lounge, urban black spaces are great but seriously we need variety in Harlem too!!
    Sorry I can’t help feel the frustration

  4. Marquis – What condo owners are you referring to? If anything I think the presence of the new condos along FDB would only embolden new businesses to come to south west harlem.

  5. The church is in serious litigation with the sponsors of the Livmor who have signed the lease with Londel. The Livmor sponsor has not finished the construction of the new church space and has not conveyed the property back to the church. Londel stood up at a community board meeting and said, “The church does not exist,” in order to support the contention that the Church is not protected by the 200 foot rule.

  6. Been dying for a diner! The retail space at the 110 Central Park North hi rise has been vacant since it opened!!! Perfect place for a high end diner. I wish I were rich enough to fund it! Anybody else…

    • LOL!! @Jewel I’m totally in!!! That is a perfect spot for a diner!

      Londels?!! really? so their food, service and atmosphere was sooooo great over at Strivers Row they feel the need to open up here on 116th?!! For cryin out loud. Harlem needs a lot of things and to put it frankly a church, a funeral home, mediocre over priced food and crappy service is not one of them.

  7. How about a great dance club located on 125th street. I’ve seen a number of possible locations that are either empty or under construction. Bring dance back to Harlem…..
    Swing, Lindy, Stepping, Salsa, Hustle, Cha Cha,Tango, etc. Partner dancing is one of the best ways of putting people in touch with each other. Sure freestyle is nice, but it dosen’t get it partispants to ‘work together’, and isn’t that what WE really need to start doing!

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