Community Board 10 in Harlem looking to limit new bars and restaurants from serving alcohol past 2 AM

If you like having your brewski past 2 AM in Harlem, enjoy it now at your favorite hangout cause there is talk of the drinking hours changing for new bars and restaurants to 2 AM. The topic has been in the press everywhere and last night it was covered on Channel 7 with bier international serving as one of the interviewees. Click on the image to see the video. According to several news reports, Community Board 10 is currently study the topic of not allowing new establishments to serve alcohol past 2 AM. What do you think about this? Should Community Board 10 pursue this or drop it and focus on other matters, such as gun violence?

4 responses to “Community Board 10 in Harlem looking to limit new bars and restaurants from serving alcohol past 2 AM

  1. On the list of priorities for Harlem, drinks at 3am should not be high.

  2. I disagree with the move. As pointed out in a DNAInfo article on the subject, Harlem has been trying to make a comeback as a destination for dining and nightlife. To effect this change would put it at a distinct disadvantage to the rest of the city. Not to mention the disadvantage that the newer restaurants would be at vis a vis the older establishments.

  3. Most certainly agree w/slb – When you think of Harlem, you think of music – clubs – performance. Harlem historically was known as the place to dance the night away. I hope that won’t change.

  4. I make every attemp to stay in the community when spending. Has their been a ‘study’ done as to why this proposal will has a positive effect on the environment. Has anyone considered just what the average time a ‘customer’ spends in an establishment. Also note that the crowd begins to thinout after ‘last call’. This new rule could very well limit profits which are needed to pay salaries and rents. Our Harlem needs to competive with the rest of the city. This policy could in effect cause in increase in prices which are already fast approacing the ‘tipping point’ . I feel that the board’s efforts might be better served in other areas that would make Harlem more appealing as destination for entertainment and positive lifestyles. Cracking down on the dirt bike riders and sagging pants and unrepaired and potholed streets for starters might be nice.

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