Melba’s Restaurant located in Harlem to be on ABC’s The View this week

I just read on Facebook that the fabulous woman behind Melba’s Restaurant, i.e. Melba, will be on The View this coming Thursday, January 26 at 11 AM. That is so awesome! I think the show should be called, that day, the HarlemGal’s show! Why? Two awesome ladies, who reside in Harlem, will be sitting side by side, Sherri Shepard and Melba! Can’t wait to watch The View this Thursday!

6 responses to “Melba’s Restaurant located in Harlem to be on ABC’s The View this week

  1. I truly enjoyed my visit to Me;ba’s restaurant…The food is great and the drinks are awesome. Also, you can sometimes see a celebrity or two. It’s affordable and quite quaint.

  2. Looking forward to the show. Thanks for the post! Love Melba’s 🙂

  3. This is so cool. The food here is special- love the eggnog waffles and sweet potato pancakes- and Melba and her staff are always absolutely wonderful to my husband and me. I couldn’t be happier for them to be on the show.

  4. is that whats passing as good food now?

  5. Just watched the show. Melba is a unbelievably hard working, smart businesswoman who loves what she does. Wish her success in her new ventures!

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