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Evelyn’s Kitchen in East Harlem taking food and dessert orders for Thanksgiving Holiday

Need help in the kitchen for the Thanksgiving holiday? We hear Evelyn’s Kitchen in East Harlem can assist in both the food and dessert area. They are taking orders now for the Thanksgiving Holiday. All orders for Thanksgiving must be placed by Monday, November 19th. A 48 hours notice is required for all orders and pickup will be available until 10 pm on Wednesday, November 21st.

Evelyn’s Kitchen (EK) is a baked goods and catering company located at 2317 First Avenue in East Harlem. EK bakery creates delicious goodies right in East Harlem that can be picked up or shipped anywhere in the US. And they also have a cafe where walk ins can purchase a variety of “dangerously delicious desserts.”

To view and order from the holiday menu, go here. And to learn more about Evelyn’s Kitchen based in East Harlem, check out their website or Facebook page.

Evelyn’s Kitchen
2317 First Avenue, NYC 10035

See photos of long lines at gas stations along 145th Street in Harlem

Soon after I blogged about the Harlem gas station on 110th Street and FDB posting a sign saying “no gas,” comments have come strolling in on Facebook and via email. At 9 pm this evening (November 1), a reader sent in pictures of what’s happening at the gas stations along 145th Street between Lenox Avenue and FDB. According to the reader, the lines for gas are four to five blocks long and for one Shell station near Pathmark at 145th Street, the line of cars extend around the corner to FDB then down three blocks to 142 Street. The reader also states police are detouring traffic across 145th St. because of the long gas lines.

For several days now, the main stream media has been reporting that gas supplies are limited and can’t be delivered due to the port of NYC being closed. The result is long gas lines everywhere. And people are also buying fuel for generators. Take a look at the photos the reader sent in. And a big thank to the reader for keeping us informed on the gas situation!




Where to purchase a Harlem tee?

A reader from Plano, Texas recently wrote HarlemGal Inc asking where can one purchase a t-shirt that says Harlem on it if one doesn’t live in Harlem? The answer: there are plenty of options to purchase a Harlem tee if you don’t live in Harlem!

The largest Harlem online community on Facebook known as Harlem NYC recently started to sell unisex t-shirts that say…what else, but Harlem NYC on it. Go here to purchase a t-shirt for $12.50. To get that price, more than 50 t-shirts have to be printed.

On twitter, several followers have told HarlemGal that a site called Harlem Lives sells men and women t-shirts that say Harlem on it. And apparently, there is a sale going on at this site according to a follower. Harlem Lives tees run from about $19 to $25.

Harlem Underground offers consumers the opportunity to buy Harlem t-shirts online and in stores as well. Harlem Underground has two locations. Their first is on 20 East 125th Street. And recently, they opened their second store in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 119th Street and 120th. Harlem Underground tees cost from $16 all the way up to $30.

Harlem t-shirts are also offered in stores only at Swing Concept and Bebenoir in Harlem. And let’s not forget along 125th Street. Street vendors sell Harlem t-shirts for as low as $10!

If there are other places to purchase Harlem t-shirts, drop us line here in the comments section!

Four women go nuclear on Cedric French Bistro in Harlem, question now is where do we go from here?

Have you heard the news recently? A major fight/disagreement broke out February 4 at Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem between the owners of Cedric’s and four customers, who happen to be of African-American descent. To make matters worse, the next day or so an aggressive media campaign lead by three of the four women began immediately aimed at ousting Cedric’s entirely from the Village of Harlem. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you must not read one of the six or seven New York media outlets who covered the altercation or you are not on Facebook or on Twitter. ‘Cause if you read the papers or were on social networking sites, you would have read all the alleged details from that night.

As a blogger and what some have called, a Harlem cheerleader, I don’t want to share the news clips on this topic this time, rehash the events, or pick sides. I don’t doubt something happened that evening and more than likely verbal lines were crossed. However, what I do want to talk about is: where do we go from here? And no, boycotting Cedric’s is not the answer in my view. We need to support both old and new business in Harlem.

Let’s look at questions such as, what should Cedric in Harlem learn from that evening? What should we as a community in Harlem learn from this? Where are the ethics in all of this? And is playing it out in the media first really beneficial or harmful to Harlem, its citizens and business owners? I don’t have all the answers. What I do believe is that the “old and new Harlem” can play in the sandbox together now and in the years to come. That’s what makes Harlem so great. We have the history and those that have lived it and then there are those who want to come to Harlem and be a part of its unique history. There is enough room for everybody in Harlem.

I’ll stop there and as that phrase goes, the lines are open! Let’s discuss how to move forward!

Melba’s Restaurant located in Harlem to be on ABC’s The View this week

I just read on Facebook that the fabulous woman behind Melba’s Restaurant, i.e. Melba, will be on The View this coming Thursday, January 26 at 11 AM. That is so awesome! I think the show should be called, that day, the HarlemGal’s show! Why? Two awesome ladies, who reside in Harlem, will be sitting side by side, Sherri Shepard and Melba! Can’t wait to watch The View this Thursday!