Watch Savoring Harlem on the Food Network Friday, February 24

This coming Friday (Feb. 24) at 8 pm our very own celebrity chef, Red Rooster owner, and Harlem local, Marcus Samuelsson, will give Food Network viewers a closer look at Harlem’s food revolution through a special TV program called Savoring Harlem.  In the TV special, Savoring Harlem will showcase the food culture of  several Harlem restaurants, such as Red Rooster Harlem, Melba’s, restaurant pioneer Sylvia’s and more.

Yum! This will be fun to watch and then go out to eat in Harlem afterwards. Turn your tube on at 8 pm to the Food Network!

8 responses to “Watch Savoring Harlem on the Food Network Friday, February 24

  1. Cedric French Bistro Close And Move Out

  2. I’ve never watch food channels as much as I have this Month! It’s great having our wonderful restaurants showcased. Thanks for letting us know about this 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Clearly, Harlem eating establishments are a hot topic right now for the Food Network. We have so much culinary/restauranteur talent here…its awesome to see it covered in the press.

  3. To anonymous: You move out! We don’t need your defeatist attitude in Harlem.

  4. I have gained 20 pounds eating in Harlem…sigh…

  5. Chef Marcus Samuelsson is one of my favorites on food network. I like him as a chopped judge and on next iron chef. Another great show with him in it.

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