West Harlem’s Morningside Heights to get its own glossy magazine

Read all about it right here. You’re the first to learn that Morningside Heights, a section of Harlem located on the Westside, is getting their own general interest magazine reporting on all aspects of living in the area. The magazine will be named…Morningside Heights (of course) and plans to profile “local people, business owners, restaurant reviews, calendar of events, trends, and ideas that capture the spirit of life in Morningside Heights” in West Harlem.

The publication debuts in December and will be mailed to 5,000 residents of Morningside Heights. Interested to know more about Morningside Heights magazine, email morningsideheights@hibu.com.

3 responses to “West Harlem’s Morningside Heights to get its own glossy magazine

  1. Rev. Fanny Erickson

    What is the procedure to receive this publication? A neighbor on Claremont Ave. showed me her copy and said they were delivered to her building.

  2. I would like a copy of Morningside Heights delivered to: Chris and Mike Florence 1430 Amsterdam Avenue Apt 10J New York N.Y. 10027 Morningside Heights Life magazine Thank you Sincerly. Rita

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