One week away, Harlem Harvest Festival October 6

Some of us will be checking out the Common Ground Festival today in Morningside Park, but then a week later its time to head over to the Harlem Harvest Festival on October 6, which I believe its in its third or fourth year. The Festival starts at 116th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. See details below and read last year’s blog post on the Harlem Harvest Festival.

4 responses to “One week away, Harlem Harvest Festival October 6

  1. I really like this one day festival. I went last year and will go again this year now that I know about it. The small food plates sold for around five bucks will fill you up. And the free wine tastings from the Finger Lake vintners on hand ate enjoyable. I just wish that Harlem Park 2 Park could find a way to better get out the word about their events. I just visited their Facebook page and see that they have a Restaurant Week that started today (Oct. 1st-15th).

    P.S. I remember posting this same gripe last year, but thanks anyway HarlemGal for letting me know about the festival.

    • @Ray. Thanks for the comments. And yes, part of this month is restaurant and retail week in Harlem. I actually see a lot of promotional efforts from HP2P on various blogs, twitter, and on individuals Facebook pages, which is to me this best advertisement. Do you think there should be ads in papers? I am curious to know where you think they should spread the word more? Thanks again.

  2. Yes HarlemGal, more paper outlets would reach a different demographic of people. Harlem News (which is distributed free) and the Amsterdam News would do for a start. Also, flyers at all the local Harlem Libraries would be another suggestion. Unfortunately as you may know, not everyone in Harlem has access to computers on a regular basis.

    • Ray, thanks for the additional feedback. I could only assume that one of the main reasons they use social networking outlets is because its free and they may not have contacts at those traditional media outlets mentioned. Who knows? Hopefully, HP2P is reading this and will consider all types of feedback that come in about their events. Have a great day!

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