Harlem Shambles to offer free range turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away! So no time like the present to start your holiday planning. Harlem Shambles is here to assist! They are selling free range turkeys for $6 a pound. The turkeys will come from a local farm and will range from 15 to 20 pounds! Supplies are limited so call or stop by Harlem Shambles to reserve your turkey.

Harlem Shambles
2141 Frederick Douglass Blvd (between 115th & 116th Street)
(646) 476-4650


4 responses to “Harlem Shambles to offer free range turkeys for Thanksgiving

  1. That’s a pretty damn expensive turkey. At $6 a pound there 20 pounder would cost $120. Just for a turkey that roamed outside of the fenced area. Outrageous!

    • @ray. Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, this is on the mid to high end of shopping for your turkey and its for a particular quality. That’s okay in my view. Just because of the high price point does not mean it should not be offered to Harlem residents. If I were to decide to buy a free range turkey to help in celebrating my holiday, I would rather buy from a butcher from Harlem then head downtown to purchase. My thoughts are us Harlemites deserve these options as well. And we deserve the options of purchasing a turkey on a mid to lower level price point too. We are not a one size fits all community. However, we deserve quality options as well just like other part of Manhattan that already have this. Also, I looked online and the $6 per pound for a free range turkey is average. For example on William Sonoma or Dartagnan, they start at $7 or $7.50 a pound.

      Overall, if a Harlemite chooses to purchase a free range turkey and its in their budget. go for it and buy it at Harlem Shambles. If its not, there are plenty of other options out there for buying a turkey and it will be just as good-if not better. It’s up to the Harlem consumer.

  2. By far the BEST turkey that I’ve prepared thus far. Totally worth the price, considering that we’re supporting both a local small business and a wonderful regional farmer who invests in sustainable, hormone-free, and environmentally friendly farming. So glad to have Harlem Shambles in our neighborhood!

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