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The sign says blujeen, another restaurant coming to Harlem’s restaurant row

Right next door to Harlem Shambles, located on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 115th and 116th Street, a new restaurant will be opening. We learned of this this morning.

The new place will be called blujeen! Apparently, it’s going to offer Southern cuisine. That’s what a worker onsite offered. Hmm.

That’s all the details we have at the moment. Stay tuned! As more details become available, we will pass along!



Spend Halloween in Harlem, Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance to host event October 31

Need plans for Halloween? How about spending Halloween on Harlem’s restaurant row? The Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance (FDBA) is organizing a Halloween in Harlem party along Frederick Douglass Blvd. Several businesses shown below with their logo will be handing out candy to trick or treaters and decorating their windows for all passerby’s to view.

For those without little ones, select restaurants will have $5 drink specials from 5 pm – 10 pm and be handing out 10 percent off coupons good retail partners with their logos listed below as well, such as BebeNoir, Bibi Salon, Harlem Flo, Franz James, Harlem Shambles and more!

See you along the boulevard for Halloween!


Harlem Shambles to offer free range turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away! So no time like the present to start your holiday planning. Harlem Shambles is here to assist! They are selling free range turkeys for $6 a pound. The turkeys will come from a local farm and will range from 15 to 20 pounds! Supplies are limited so call or stop by Harlem Shambles to reserve your turkey.

Harlem Shambles
2141 Frederick Douglass Blvd (between 115th & 116th Street)
(646) 476-4650


Harlem Shambles named one of New York’s best butcher shops

Time Out New York has narrowed the list to ten on the best places to purchase meat in New York City and Harlem Shambles made the list. TONY said they named Harlem Shambles as one of the best NYC butcher shops for barbecuing because “all the meat at this shop is humanely raised and sourced from three farms in the Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley. [Also] the butchers are resourceful, transforming whole carcasses into just about any cut you might want…”

Congrats to Harlem Shambles! Check it out for your barbecuing or everyday meal needs. They are located 2141 Frederick Douglass Blvd. between 115th and 116th Street. Their phone number is 1 (646) 476-4650.

116th Street in Harlem featured in The Wall Street Journal

Generally when reading about Harlem’s famous or busy streets in the press, it usually about 125th Street, Lenox Avenue or Frederick Douglass Blvd. This time in today’s (Feb. 17) Wall Street Journal, the focus is on West and Central 116th Street in Harlem. The article states there is a gathering of new businesses and future projects, many of them created due to the large condominium buildings, and many of them are drawing more street traffic to a gentrifying stretch of 116th Street, specifically from FDB to Fifth Avenue.

The existing businesses mentioned in the article are very well-known already in the neighborhood, such as The Winery and its plans to open up a Japanese restaurant, Harlem Shambles and BBraxton, a sleek male salon on 116th and Fifth Ave. What was surprising-at least to me-is that the developers of the Kalahari Condo “hope to begin construction within a few months on two new buildings: a proposed 85-unit building on West 116th, across the street from the Kalahari, and a mixed-income building with about 110 “affordable” rentals on West 117th.”

To read the full article, click here.

Harlem’s restaurant row, Frederick Douglass Blvd., has its own map and alliance group

It’s official…again! Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem from 110th to 125th Street, also known as restaurant row, has its very own map, according to The New York Daily News. And the folks behind the map is an alliance group called Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance (FDBA). Check out the map below. It mentions all existing businesses from 110th to 124th Street. The map does not include up and coming places on FDB, such as the Harlem Food Bar or Marcos Leatherlab, the cobbler store.

Lia San Filippo, co-owner of 5 and Diamond Harlem restaurant and co-president of the recently formed FDBA, tells the Daily News “the map was created to help people know that Harlem is here and helps customers find us more easily.” Amen Lia!

Back in 2008, I wrote a blog posting asking if FDB is turning into Harlem’s restaurant row? Looks like we have our answer not only in a map but in the form of an alliance group!

Harlem Shambles featured in The New York Times

In today’s New York Times’ Dining & Wine section it asks “wonder why a new uptown butcher is called Harlem Shambles?” We know the answer since we’ve been following this new local business on Frederick Douglass Blvd since it’s opening, however its great news that the Times is presenting this question…and answer…to its global readers! Shambles is an old-time word for butcher shop!

If you haven’t swung by Harlem Shambles, check it out real soon! They offer boutique style service where no ticketed number is required to place your order! Now that’s refreshing and different?

Read the Times article here and also view photos of Harlem Shambles’ grand opening on Facebook!

Harlem Shambles Grand Opening, you’re invited

Harlem Shambles is having their grand opening this week and we are all invited! The local butcher shop on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 115th and 116th Street is hosting its official grand opening this Thursday, December 1st. All guests will be able to check out Harlem Shambles’ products prepared by several local chefs. Food and drink will be prepared by bier international, Lido Italian Restaurant and Bar, Nectar Wine Bar and many more! Shop tours and cutting demonstrations will also take place. Below are the exact details! See you there!

Harlem Shambles Grand Opening
Thursday, December 1, 2011
6-9 PM
2141 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

Harlem Shambles, your local butcher, is open for business


Vegetarians turn away and don’t read this blog post! I was walking along Frederick Douglass Blvd today, who wouldn’t give how beautiful it is outside, and noticed that Harlem Shambles had a sign board outside announcing it is open for business. I walked in and locals were already inside checking out the selection of meats they are offering to start. According to their sign, they offer all meats that are local grass fed and all natural. Harlem Shambles is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday thru Saturday, and from 11-6 pm on Sunday. Stop by your new local butcher shop in Harlem at 2141 Frederick Douglass Blvd and check them out on Facebook as well!




Harlem Shambles plans to open in Livmor Condo

Looks like commercial retail space in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Blvd is slowing getting scooped up! It appears from the photo below that the Livmor has sold (or rented out) some of its commercial space to a business called Harlem Shambles. I have never heard of this business and looking online for information, the only item I could find is Harlem Bespoke blogging that Harlem Shambles is a butcher shop! Hmm. I wonder what type of products they will be offering? Just meat! Or seafood too? And what does this mean for Best Yet and Central Market that are not too far away?

This is certainly a different addition to the other businesses that have opened up on FDB and that are getting ready to open soon! Recently, I blogged about how a yogurt store and nail salon are opening up side by side in the Gateway Condo located at 2098 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

As always, stay tuned on when Harlem Shambles will be opening. I am sure it will be soon!