Read full statement on Lenox Lounge brand continuing in Harlem

Back from holiday vacation and going through gazillion emails on Harlem. The big Harlem story that happened over the holidays was the continuing saga on Harlem’s Lenox Lounge. Several news outlets reported recently on how the Lenox Lounge brand will continue by moving a few blocks up on Lenox Avenue in Harlem-333 Lenox Ave to be exact. Stories were generated due to Alvin Reed’s peeps releasing a statement on January 3. This blog did receive the full statement Jan 3 while on vacation and wanted to share it in its entity.

Lenox Lounge Statement 010313

5 responses to “Read full statement on Lenox Lounge brand continuing in Harlem

  1. I’ve seen this same statement on other blogs with a few more details. Do you have the verbatim complete statement anywhere? I clicked on the video thinking perhaps someone would be discussing the negotiations over Lenox Lounge, but it was just an ad. Thank you.

  2. I am glad the lounge will get a second act with signage etc. It would have been better if De Niro supported the existing lounge and preserved it’s original location. It should be a historic landmark.

  3. Did I see someone write on their Dec. 20th blog …”If anyone thinks there is a grain of hope left for Lenox Lounge in Harlem, forget about it?!” Take note, we are a resilient group of people up here in Harlem. Yes go for it Al, we’re still with you! None of that fake Tribeca wanna be kind of jazz up here in Harlem.

    And by the way, I hope that everyone has heard about Dick Parsons ongoing renovation of Minton’s Jazz Playhouse (118th St. and St. Nicks) to bring it back bigger and better than ever. I say thank you everyday to the Al Reeds and Richard Parsons of our community, and kneel at their feet. Those type of guys are our real heroes up here in Harlem. Not the Richie Notars and Robert De Niros down in Tribeca.

  4. @Ray. It is great news that the Lenox Lounge brand will continue. I am happy for Alvin Reed. When I wrote the above your referencing, it was in the context of the famous Harlem establishment staying at its original place, which Lenox Lounge is not. So my comments still apply…to a degree. Thanks for stopping by.

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