The Park Wine Bar in Harlem receiving push back from neighbors

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Did anyone notice the recent article in The New York Daily News about the upcoming Park Wine Bar in Harlem? Apparently, Harlem neighbors, mainly those that live in building above where the wine bar plans to open, are already complaining to Community Board 10 about the self-serve wine bar’s plans to have an outdoor patio in the back of the building. The Park Wine Bar will be located at 2080 Frederick Douglass Blvd between 112th and 113th.

For those of us who have lived in Harlem a while, know that this location was an abandoned lot for the longest time. No building/business/residents existed there until the building went up. Fast forward to today and we have a wine bar moving in and neighbors above complaining. Cheez…how things change.

Just curious. What are your thoughts on the subject?

6 responses to “The Park Wine Bar in Harlem receiving push back from neighbors

  1. I am one of the tenants that live in the building and to be clear we are not the only residents who have concerns regarding the back patio. There are three other buildings behind us who are directly affected by the noise volume of the outdoor patio. In fact, it is those neighboring buildings which have been most vocal in their opposition, gathering over 100 petition signatures against the space. All of the tenants in the building knew that a restaurant would open, but we don’t want to learn the hard way like the Kalahari residents did with the Bleu Violin about the real intentions of the business when it is too late to enforce any changes.

  2. So ridiculous. There are bigger things to complain about in Harlem than noise from an outdoor cafe. How about the illegal dirt bikes, the littering, the double parking on Sundays which trap people’s cars… This is what CB10 should take up.

    • I totally agree. We need businesses like this along the avenue. They are too nice for the drug dealers and thugs to loiter in front of, AND, I doubt they will stand for nuisances such as the double parking, dirt bikes and litter.

  3. Was this petition started before or after the restaurant already caved and limited hours? At the end of the day this is a business. They signed a lease with the intention of using the outdoor space, if they lose the outdoor space and there is an out in their lease then no one wins. I would not want to stay in a space with a business plan that is materially affected. Sometimes I feel that the few feel that their opinions should outweigh the many.

    This sort of reminds of of Land Yoga going after Jado before they opened claiming that noise would ruin their business. It appears that both are still clearly doing fine.

    In my opinion all the neighbors should wait until the business opens and see what happens. There was an issue when L Lounge opened in terms of noise and they worked it out and that was it. Why people want a business to fail prior to them opening is beyond me. The only way for the neighborhood to continue to improve and attract businesses is if we actually welcome them.

  4. As a Harlem resident of 10 years I think it is great positive establishments like The Park, The L Lounge, and Corner Social are joining our community. Come on people, would you prefer another bodega or chicken shack open up? Lets be realistic and welcome these places as it only improves our community. Not to mention, it helps with our property value

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