Harlem Shake goes viral, real Harlem Shake coming to Harlem at 124th and Lenox Avenue


The Harlem Shake by New York deejay Baauer has gone viral twice over. It’s everywhere! While everyone is doing the Harlem Shake, don’t forget the Village of Harlem is actually getting a Harlem Shake, which will be a restaurant that will serve “burgers, shakes and good times, [the] Harlem way.” The restaurant will be located on the southwest corner of 124th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem. It’s in construction right now, but progress is being made and will open soon. Just follow them on Facebook or Twitter to view their progress.

And if you haven’t seen what the Harlem Shake looks like under water, here’s a view.

3 responses to “Harlem Shake goes viral, real Harlem Shake coming to Harlem at 124th and Lenox Avenue

  1. http://theharlemtimes.com/entertainment/how-to-make-your-living-room-jealous-join-the-family-at-yatenga-and-shrine

    Good morning, Harlem Gal! Please check link above. It was posted on January 15. I thought you might be interested. Thanks.

    Sivan Baron Ouedraogo

    Yatenga bistro &bar http://www.yatengabistro.com Shrine bar restaurant http://www.shrinenyc.com

    • Good to hear from you Sivan! Hope all is well! And thanks for sharing clip! Very well done! I like it! Shrine and Yatenga are great places to dine and hang! This Chica highly recommends both places!

  2. I’m all for Black businesses conmig into Harlem and providing a service, but at what point do we have to tolerate being disrespected? The music from Julisa’s blasts all night long and can be heard as high up as the 16th floor of a housing complex roughly 20 yards away where many elders live c’mon Black people

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