Zoe Cafe and Hookah Lounge opens on Harlem’s restaurant row

The Middle Eastern tradition of enjoying a hookah pipe is now available on Harlem’s restaurant row. Zoe Cafe and Hookah Lounge recently opened on the corner of West 121st Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. They opened a few weeks ago. Hookahs range from $10-12 with a variety of flavors offered, such as apple, grape, cherry, mint, coconut, peach, mango and much more. On the cafe side, Zoe’s offers coffee, tea, bottled water, sodas and dessert starting at $2.

If interested in trying a hookah pipe, no need to go far now. There’s a hookah lounge right here in Central Harlem. I also recommend Kiosk in East Harlem. They have hookah pipes on their menu as well.

And a big disclaimer, hookah pipes are for ADULTs ONLY!






11 responses to “Zoe Cafe and Hookah Lounge opens on Harlem’s restaurant row

  1. You make me wanna go to Harlem the next time I go to visit NYC! So many nice places to eat and stuff! 🙂

  2. It’s a great addition to your Community. It’ll be cool if they’ll do a ‘Harlem Shake’ inside the lounge, if you what I mean. Haha

  3. Nice place.Reasonable prices,great atmosphere and professional friendly service.Love a night out with my friends enyoing a good hookah.

  4. I wish they had a number to call to see what time the closed. Or had a way to find out their hours.

  5. Recent customer

    This place is very racist and unsanitary. The customer service was terrible and they are VERY rude to Americans. I would never go there especially if you are not of East African decent or you can expect TERRIBLE Service.

  6. I would like to know what time this place close I’ve been looking for a contact number and it seems like they don’t have no number to contact them. Me and my friends will like to attend the lounge on Friday please can someone contact me the info to this place or what time it close or contact number. Thank you

  7. how old do you have to be to enter ?

  8. WARNING!!! Bed bugs in this hookah lounge and plus the owner is an asshole sorry for my language but he is one .

  9. This place sucks ass😩🎨

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