Harlem Vintage becomes Vintage Harlem?

A reader on Facebook dropped us a line over the weekend saying that the old Harlem Vintage wine store that was located on 121st and Frederick Douglass Blvd will continue as a wine store, but with a new name–Vintage Harlem. The word is the owners of the new Vintage Harlem plan to open up the new wine store very soon.

This is good news. Now this part of Harlem will continue to have two wine stores, The Winery and Vintage Harlem!


3 responses to “Harlem Vintage becomes Vintage Harlem?

  1. That’s great news. Do you know when we can expect to start enjoying Vineteria? Or whether the burger place long advertised as about to open on FDB is really going to happen? Thanks!

    • @lori. Thanks for stopping by.

      Vinateria should be opening soon. As soon as I have a date, I will pass along. As for hamburger joint on FDB, that’s completely stalled as far as I know.

      • Hi HarlemGal – I was walking by Vinateria over the weekend and met someone there. They said they were scheduled to open tonight (monday) at 7.

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