Vinateria Harlem not open yet, but it will soon

If you’re wondering like I am when Vinateria Harlem, located at 118th 119th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., is opening, it’s not tonight or tomorrow night. I have heard from a very good source that Vinateria will not open to the public more than likely until later in the week. But stay tuned here. As soon as this blog receives confirmation of the exact opening day, we will pass along.

And if you see people inside Vinateria Harlem tonight or tomorrow night or you saw  people inside over the weekend, those are private events happening or also known as practice events. Generally, restaurants do practice runs with friends and family first before they open their doors to the public.


4 responses to “Vinateria Harlem not open yet, but it will soon

  1. Get the address right please. Vinateria is on 119th and FDB (not 118th) street, as reported above.

  2. @mike. I stand corrected on this post. In prior posts, I have the correct address. But yes, it’s on 119th & FDB!

  3. It is on 119th and FDB. They have friend and family night tonight and tomorrow. Open to public on wed. Hope this helps. Love your posts:)

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