Douglas Elliman moving down the street in Harlem, real estate office been in Harlem for years


I wasn’t planning on blogging about Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Harlem moving down the street. However, when another blog writes that “they’re coming to Harlem’s restaurant row,” this die-hard blogger can help but to take the easy opportunity (you know like when someone throws the ball at you and you just have to swing cause it’s so easy) to state the correct facts about a Harlem/chain business.

It is simply not true that Douglas Elliman is coming to Harlem’s restaurant row. Why? Because Douglas Elliman has always been on Frederick Douglass Blvd, aka Harlem’s restaurant row, for several years. Anyone who really knows this area of Harlem would know this!

Douglas Elliman Real Estate tells HarlemGal Inc that they are in the process of moving from their 117th Street and FDB location, which they have been at for years right by Levain Bakery, to 114th Street and FDB where the former Jet Income Tax was located. That’s all that is happening. It has nothing to do with the sign of the real estate industry or coming to FDB. That’s gibberish. Douglass Elliman tells HG that they just decided to change office locations. That is the plan for now.

So there you have it, the correct facts, for those who care or don’t care about Douglas Elliman moving from one space to the other. I really don’t care about the move. But what I do care about is credible blogging, hint, hint.

5 responses to “Douglas Elliman moving down the street in Harlem, real estate office been in Harlem for years

  1. Also, the fact that they spelled “they’re” wrong is really annoying.

  2. @Rachel, thanks for commenting. Bloggers are typing so fast and are generally one man shops that grammar and typos easily happen. It happens to me all the time. My main concern is when you blog about a topic, check the general history first. Saying the words “coming to” leads readers to believe its a new thing, which we all know this real estate business is not new to Harlem. Thanks again for commenting.

  3. UPDATE: a reader wrote in and said that Halstead is moving into the space at 117th Street and FDB. Elliman is moving to 114th Street and FDB.

  4. check your facts Missy. Eiliman moved to the space on 177/FDB only 6 months ago, not years ago.

    • Thanks for commenting.

      Douglas Elliman, which was formerly Prudential Douglas Elliman in Harlem, has been at 117th Street & FDB for several years. All that’s changed is the name/signage, which changed a few months ago. This real estate office is not new to Harlem on FDB.

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