Love a big gulp? 7-Eleven opening its first location soon in Central Harlem

We learned yesterday via a news release that 7-Eleven is coming to Harlem. New Street Realty Advisors, LLC recently announced that 7‐Eleven has leased approximately 2,300 sq. ft. of ground floor retail space at 256 West 116th Street. The commercial space is situated on the south side of West 116th Street between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and St. Nicholas Avenue.

7-Eleven will take immediate occupancy of the lower and first level space and anticipates an opening in early 2015. This means Africa Kine Restaurant is either moving to another location or closing. This blog reported earlier that Kennedy’s Fried Chicken was moving to the corner where a bodega use to be on 116th Street and FDB.

The picture below shows the exact location of where 7-Eleven will be located.


7 responses to “Love a big gulp? 7-Eleven opening its first location soon in Central Harlem

  1. Africa Kine is moving uptown, next door to Yatenga and The Shrine, on AC Powell Blvd around 133rd St. They’ve been buiding up the location for about two months as far as I’ve seen, and has had a sign outside saying “Coming soon Africa Kine.” I’d assumed that this was going to be a second location for them, but now I know otherwise. Thanks for the heads up, HG.

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    7-Eleven Plans to Open First Harlem Franchise

  3. HG, you were cited in an article today by DNAinfo, as the first to report on the Harlem 7-Eleven story. Congrats!

  4. this is great news! while 7-Eleven may not be a high level establishment, it sure beats the restaurant that was there which looked very uninviting… I wish that the Kennedy Fried Chicken would also move uptown, or the Bronx or just close down as having a Kennedy Fried Chicken in a neighborhood is always a sure sign that you are still in the ghetto..

  5. Disgusting!!!!!!

  6. Well speaking from the land of the home of 7-11 (Dallas) has it opened yet and what does Harlem think of it? I will have to stop by during my visit next month for a “taste” of home LOL.

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