Should West Harlem receive ferry service from NJ to NYC? District 7 Councilmember Mark Levine says Yes!

I commute to New Jersey from Harlem practically every day for the day job. When I saw the article titled, “Don’t overlook West Harlem for ferry service,” it caught my attention! Why? Because if I could get to NJ and back without having to trek all the way downtown, I’m so for it. It would probably shave off minutes to my commute and we all know minutes make a difference in commuting. Like most New Yorkers, I need and want to get home quick to my Harlem baby. (And no, I’m not buying a car to accomplish this or changing jobs!)

What do you think? Should West Harlem receive ferry service? Read the full article here.

4 responses to “Should West Harlem receive ferry service from NJ to NYC? District 7 Councilmember Mark Levine says Yes!

  1. Finally, Manhattan’s westside waterfront is being discussed. I applaud the Councilman but NYC needs to create more dock space on the westside. You can read a portion of my comments to the Councilman. Thanks Mark.

    Good morning Mark,

    I do applaud your article but I hope you will look at the need for more dock space on the west side. The 79th Street Boat Basin is a major problem. If boats need to dock because of an emergency or fuel, there is no place for them to do it between 42nd Street and 125th Street. There are at least 20 unseaworthy boats at the 79th Street boat basin. If those boats were removed, it could make room for docking small ferry boats and outriggers.
    The probablity of ferry service to NJ is years away. Those parties wishing for such service could pay for it through boat rentals. It’s not enough for a continuous service since we are so close the the GW Bridge. And that suggestion has been made. We live in a tight economy and once you build demand, the request becomes more feasible. Everyone nowadays has to contribute.

    I want to thank you for making the issue about our west side waterfront more public.

  2. Community board 9 is in discussion with a private group and NYCEDC to bring ferry service to West Harlem. The Group is currently in discussions with the Mayors on the Jersey side and hope to get back to us soon. CB9’s Economic Development committee has been working on bringing vessels to West Harlem since we received our Dockmaster assignment from the City.

  3. Great news!

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