Cedric French Bistro becomes Bunz Harlem

Walking along St. Nick yesterday, I noticed Cedric French Bistro signage was gone. In place of it was a new name called Bunz Harlem! 

I went online to find more info. Apparently, Cedric Lecendre, the owner of former Cedric’s, has changed things up! According to his Facebook page, Lecendre has said cie la vie to offering the French menu at his dining space on 119th and St. Nicholas and will now be offering gourmet burgers and specialty cocktails. Check out the menu below! And tell us what you think of the change! 


4 responses to “Cedric French Bistro becomes Bunz Harlem

  1. I’m going to miss the mussels and sangria 😦

    • SANGRIA WILL STILL BE THERE! Come by Wed SEPT 9th for the official Grand opening of BUNZ Harlem and enjoy some Sangria on us!!

    • Bunz Harlem, formerly Cedric’s French Bistro, made a few minor changes to the aesthetics. However, some things remain the same.
      1 -I waited 34 minutes for my meal after the order was placed. Mimosas were frequent during the wait.

      2 -The kitchen is not a true kitchen. Even when it was Cedric’s, hot plates were and are still used to cook food by 2 chefs. there in lies one of the problems for his hindered success. – wait time issue for food

      3-There are no drawing features (music, entertainment, etc) to entice people to stop by. Not sure if this “name /menu” change will help.

      4 – Advertising might help bring people to his location, as it is off the beaten path
      Good Luck!!

  2. It closed.

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