Citi Bike inching it’s way into Central Harlem

Walking along Central Park West in the 100s, I noticed a Citi Bike station at West 106th Street and CPW. It’s spanking brand new! Then it got me thinking, what about my area–Central Harlem? I know it’s coming, but where?

For those that do not know, or do know, the Citi Bike station is coming soon to 110th Street and Adam Clayton Powell! And that’s it for now for us Harlemites! Poohie. See map!

Citi Bike is well into East Harlem! Lucky them!

4 responses to “Citi Bike inching it’s way into Central Harlem

  1. Citibike is promised for up to 127th St in 2017!

  2. I wish they woudl stay away No parking now if you dont own a car you dont get it…. biking in NY for what!

  3. Can’t wait! It may bring more tourists and their $ into South Harlem if they have a bike station up here. Good for the restaurants who need more lunch business.

  4. I treated my daughter to dinner at Ponty Bistro. We enjoyed everything from the appetizers to dessert. The portions were very generous. As neighborhood residents, we will definitely return!

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