Get fit: Classes in Harlem Offered at Only $10 Per Class

For Harlemites looking to jump in on the road to fitness, Physical Therapy of Harlem presents some new affordable options with its Fitness Bootcamp program, PT of Harlem Wellness. For only $10 per class, participants can choose from a selection of classes, including, Metabolic Madness, an all around cardio workout; Heavy hitters, a boxing based workout; and BOSS Fit and Circuit City, both full body conditioning workouts.

The group will introduce the Harlem community to class offerings at a free demo on Saturday, Oct. 8, from 10am to 1pm, at the State Office Building Plaza on 125th street at 7th avenue. Demo stations will be set up to allow participants to try different skills and classes taught at PT of Harlem Wellness.

To sign up for classes or learn more about programming and PT of Harlem, visit its website at Classes are held daily at a cost of $10 per class. The event on October 8 is free!

2 responses to “Get fit: Classes in Harlem Offered at Only $10 Per Class

  1. Harlem Gal, I like your blog. You ought to be on, the Harlem edition. I had a meeting with the CEO of last wk. if you’d like an intro let me know. You could increase your readership.

  2. Hey, Ms. Gal! Have you visited Polished Fingertips in your journalistic capacity? They’re local and they’re the best, in my opinion. 2300 Frederick Douglass Blvd PH E NYC 10027 USA 212.662.6116

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