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World Cup madness at Cafe Amrita in Harlem

Jun 18, 2010 @ 10:41
By HarlemGal
This morning (Friday), I walked into Cafe Amrita, located at 301 West 110th Street (between Frederick Douglass Blvd and Manhattan Ave), to get some iced coffee while on my way to work…and I could not believe the scene in there so early in the morning once I entered the place! It it was packed full of people! Harlemites were up bright and early on Friday having their breakfast along with a good dose of World Cup-mania!
I assume the crowd was large due to the fact that the American soccer team was playing Slovenia! Plus they were there cause Cafe Amrita has a nice size screen to watch the soccer games.
If your interested in watching this year’s 2010 World Cup at a public venue in Harlem, Cafe Amrita may be the place for you! Check it out!
And if you can’t make it to Amrita in the mornings, swing by in the evening for Happy Hour, which lasts until 8 PM every night! They now offer sangria! I have had it and it’s quite good and refreshing! I just might go there tonight for some sangria given how nice the weather is and it’s Friday! A nice summer drink to start my weekend in Harlem sounds like the way to go. See you around in Harlem!

Workers seen on site in Harlem at expected Bier International

Jun 1, 2010 @ 7:30

By HarlemGal

A month ago, we mentioned that 2099 Frederick Douglass Blvd is expected to be the home of Bier International, Harlem’s first beer garden; and that we didn’t think it would open at the end of May. The opening did not happen in May. However, we’re happy to report we have seen work activity on site recently. Over the Memorial Day weekend, we saw workers outside of the property and one side of the rolling steel doors up.

From the photos below, there is something happening inside the retail space. However, the real question is what type of deadline are these workers on? We asked when the beer garden in Harlem is scheduled to open, one replied “a month from now.”

What a complete bummer-if in fact that is the case! With the 2010 World Cup starting on June 11 and lasting for several weeks, that is prime beer drinking time. Maybe the worker on site meant to say “we’re opening in two weeks for the World Cup or midway through the World Cup.” We are keep our fingers crossed hoping that one of those scenarios is the case! If you have heard otherwise, chime in!