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Gazillionaire father to actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus donates art collection to Harlem non-profit

An interview with TV news show 60 Minutes can either help or hurt you depending on how it goes. For the famous Harlem Children’s Zone, sitting down with 60 Minutes has paid off in a big way! Artnet.com reports that William Louis-Dreyfus, the billionaire businessman, art collector and father to actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is donating his art collection to the Harlem Children’s Zone. Louis-Dreyfus has a collection estimated to be worth between $10 million and $50 million.

Louis-Dreyfus told a business publication that “he made the decision to donate the proceeds from his collection to the Harlem Children’s Zone after watching a segment about the non-profit on 60 Minutes.”

The Harlem Children’s Zone is a non‑profit organization for poverty‑stricken children and families.

  1. Read the full article here.

Dr. Mehmet Oz to visit Harlem Children’s Zone for ‘Brush Up Smile Zone’

According to a media advisory, the TV doctors are coming to Harlem. Actually the real ones, not the TV actors who play doctors on TV. This coming Thursday, Jan 24, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, who is a national oral health expert and regular contributor on “The Dr. Oz Show,” will join more than 300 kids (ages K-12) at the Harlem Children’s Zone to host a special themed event, “Brush Up Smile Zone!” The event will include a variety of fun and educational activities that spread the message about the importance of good oral health-as it relates to overall health.

jj1Oral-B is the corporate sponsor. Through a charitable partnership, Oral-B and Dr. Levine’s GLO Good Foundation are educating Americans on the importance of having good oral health. They will be visiting select areas throughout the country. The first stop is starting right here in Harlem on January 24th.

This event is happening from 4:30 to 6 pm at the Countee Cullen Community Center, PS 194, which is located at 244 West 144th Street between Frederick Douglass Blvd and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.

Princess Mary of Denmark visits Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy

According to Hello Magazine, royalty paid a visit to Harlem recently.  The People-like magazine of Britain reports that Princess Mary of Denmark “helped out students at Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy II with one of their classes.”  Apparently, this all came down yesterday. Click here to read the full story and here for more photos!

Harlem Children’s Zone launches twitter site on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Mar 24, 2011 @ 23:26
By HarlemGal
Did any of you watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Tuesday night? Fallon interviewed Geoffrey Canada, Harlem Children’s Zone CEO, on the obvious and most important topic, education! Fallon praised Canada for his dedication to helping children in Harlem receive an education and told him “he is so cool.” After discussing the importance of education, not only in Harlem but across the US, Canada announced that he was joining the masses and starting a twitter site. It’s called @hczorg. In just two days, the Harlem Children’s Zone has more than 2500 followers. Not bad and definitely cool!